About Global Innovation Lab

Global Innovation Lab partners with governments, universities and industries to train and support entrepreneurs in their communities to overcome local challenges, create jobs, and drive sustainable economic development. We do this work applying the same principles that helped develop Austin as a globally recognized center of innovation. Our accomplishments to foster innovation-based economic development have:

  • Provided high-quality training programs in over 40 countries
  • Created 15,000 new jobs
  • Generated $1.5 billion in global economic impact

Countries with Global Innovation Programs

Global Innovation Lab has developed programs in the following countries:

Armenia Egypt Kuwait Singapore
Australia Ghana Malaysia South Africa
Bangladesh Hungary Mexico South Korea
Belize India Nepal Spain
Bhutan Indonesia Phillippines Sri Lanka
Canada Japan Poland Sweden
Canary Islands Jordan Portugal Turkey
Chile Kazakhstan Russia Ukraine
Colombia Kenya Saudi Arabia Vietnam


Incubator Management

We help local stakeholders build world-class incubators. We work with stakeholders to define strategy and goals, recruit the best companies, and develop entrepreneurs to succeed in local and global markets.

Technology Transfer

Drawing on the principles of technology transfer developed at The University of Texas at Austin, we work with university researchers and support staff to move technologies from universities to the market. We assist with policy, technology reconnaissance, researcher training, IP review, market research, valuation, licensing, and spin-offs.


Working with new venture teams, we move those teams beyond passion for an idea and through the hard work of market validation, product development, and deal creation supported by our global network, to achieve measurable results.

Ecosystem Development

We help cities and regions become globally competitive by applying the principles of the Austin technopolis to their region, adapting to their local strengths, challenges and culture. We help cities improve quality-of-life for their citizens by applying principles of innovation to address their greatest development challenges.