Initiating an Agreement with an International Partner

The University of Texas at Austin supports global activities that span from student exchange to multi-institutional research collaborations. Many activities take place without written agreements but in some cases, agreements are necessary to define the terms of cooperation between The University of Texas at Austin and a foreign institution/organization.  These agreements include but are not limited to:

  • Memoranda of Understanding and Letters of Support for academic collaborations 
  • Exchange and affiliation agreements for UT Austin students to study abroad
  • Affiliation/program agreements to facilitate structured programs for international visiting students and/or scholars
  • Short-term programs for international participants on the UT Austin campus
  • Joint academic programs between UT Austin and an international institution

These agreements must be initiated with Texas Global’s Office of Global Engagement & Strategy (OGES) and approved by the Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement. Global Strategies Officers in Texas Global will facilitate the process of submitting the agreement to the Business Contracts Office (BCO) or Vice President for Research (VPR) for legal review and signature. The most common agreements are:

Memorandum of Understanding/Letter of Support

A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) is an umbrella agreement that serves to formalize and document a relationship between UT Austin and a foreign institution. The MOU demonstrates a mutual interest in furthering the collaborative relationship without specifying programs or activities.  A Letter of Support is often used to document the initial stages of collaboration.

Contact a Global Strategies Officer to submit your request to initiate an MOU or Letter of Support.

Student Exchange Agreements

Academic Affiliation and Program Agreement of Student Exchange also referred to as “student exchange agreements” provide opportunities for UT Austin students to study at institutions abroad while also permitting students from that institution to study at UT Austin. Under Texas law, exchange programs must provide for an equal exchange of students over a five-year period.  An exchange agreement should be preceded by, or be facilitated in tandem with, an umbrella MOU.

If you are interested in developing a student exchange agreement or you are approached by a foreign institution expressing such an interest, contact a Global Strategies Officer to facilitate an initial evaluation and review of the proposed partnership.

Academic Affiliation Agreements

Academic institutions and organizations that contractually enroll students and/or support University programs conducted in a foreign country must be approved using an Affiliation Agreement. Prior to entering into conversations with a third-party provider, Texas Global must be apprised of the request. Contact a Global Strategies Officer to schedule a meeting to discuss the proposed affiliation.

Agreement Renewals

Requests to renew a current partnership should be made within 6-12 months of the agreement expiration. To request a renewal, complete the Renewal of International Partnership Agreement proposal form and submit to the Office Global Engagement & Strategy. A Global Strategy Officer will work with you to facilitate the review of the partnership.

Contact Us

For questions concerning any type of agreements with a foreign institution or organization, contact a Global Strategy Officer in Texas Global for assistance.

How to Initiate an Agreement



1 Contact the Office of Global Engagement & Strategy (OGES) to initiate a request.


Submit the draft agreement (if already provided by the partner institution) along with the New International Partnership Agreement proposal form.


OGES will evaluate the request to ensure that it aligns with UT Austin’s academic mission, advances the priorities of the university and determine if institutional activities are already taking place with the proposed institution. OGES will submit to the Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement (SVPGE) in the Provost’s Office for review.


If approved by SVPGE/Provost’s Office, OGES will coordinate with sponsor to negotiate the agreement.


OGES will submit the agreement to the appropriate campus signatory for legal review and signature.  Any modifications will be communicated to the sponsor.


Upon the agreement being signed by UT Austin, OGES or the sponsor (with copy to OGES) will share with the international partner.


Following full execution of the agreement, OGES will internally document the agreement and maintain a copy on file.  OGES will follow-up with the sponsor on an annual basis to review activities completed under the auspices of the agreement.