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Faculty Travel Planning Grants

Cultivating a global mindset is essential to preparing the UT community to contribute, succeed, and lead in an increasingly interconnected world. Based on this assertion, Texas Global is committed to supporting exposure to regional politics and histories, foreign languages, literature, global arts and culture, and to contrasting global perspectives by equipping the UT community with the skills and intercultural acumen needed to make a positive impact and address the world’s most pressing challenges.

Program Description

Faculty Travel Planning Grants support UT Austin faculty members that wish to establish connections abroad to meet eligibility requirements for the submission of subsequent Texas Global funding opportunities to the Global Career Launch (GCL), Global Virtual Exchange (GVE), President’s Award for Global Learning (PAGL), and Texas Global Faculty Research Seed Grant. Applicants may request up to $2,500 in travel funds to support proposal development.


The Faculty Travel Planning Grant is open to UT Austin faculty members eligible for the Global Career Launch (GCL), Global Virtual Exchange Initiative (GVE), President’s Award for Global Learning (PAGL), and Texas Global Faculty Research Seed Grant. Faculty members should consult the eligibility requirements of individual Texas Global funding opportunities to ensure the Faculty Travel Planning Grant may be used to prepare an application for the preferred funding opportunity.

Application Information

Proposals are due November 15, 2021 at 5:00 pm CST and must be submitted via InfoReady. Questions concerning the program may be submitted to Laura Caloudas, Senior Program Coordinator at lauraf@austin.utexas.edu. Successful proposals will be announced by December 15, 2021. Travel funds must be expended by May 31, 2022. (Texas Global anticipates launching additional rounds of travel grants in both spring 2022 and fall 2023.)

Apply in InfoReady

Title Page

The title page (half-page maximum) should include:

  • A descriptive title of the proposed travel project;
  • A one-paragraph summary, suitable for public dissemination, of the rationale for proposed travel project; and
  • The name of the applicant, including EID, faculty rank, college/school, and department.
  • A statement indicating that you will apply to one of the following Texas Global funding opportunity – Global Career Launch (GCL), Global Virtual Exchange Initiative (GVE), President’s Award for Global Learning (PAGL), or Texas Global Faculty Research Seed Grant should you be awarded a travel grant. All Texas Global funds are awarded through a competitive process and a Faculty Travel Planning Grant award does not guarantee funding for the aforementioned Texas Global funding opportunities.

Proposal Narrative

The proposal narrative (two-page maximum) should include:

  • A description and timeline of the proposed travel activities and how such activities will support the goals of a future Texas Global grant proposal.
  • A description of prospective collaborators, as well as any previous collaboration with the individual(s)/organization(s) and rationale for establishing linkages in the selected travel country or region.


The budget (half-page maximum) should include a summary of how travel funds will support the proposed activities. The budget should also include any additional travel funding you have received or will receive to supplement the request for funds under this grant opportunity. Matching funds are not required.

Letters of Support

  • Letter of support from the most appropriate academic leadership (e.g., department chair, center director, etc.) at UT Austin for the proposed collaboration.
  • Letter of invitation from potential collaborator/institution/organization(s) abroad


Proposals will be selected based on the following criteria:

  • Inclusion of all required application materials.
  • Fit between the proposed travel activities and the Texas Global grant opportunity to which the faculty member intends to apply in the future.
  • Thoroughness of the proposal narrative.
  • First-time applicants wishing to apply to a specific Texas Global grant opportunity will be given priority.

Proposals will be reviewed by representatives of Texas Global who will make recommendations to the senior vice provost for global engagement for final approval. Recipients will be required to submit a brief report on the use of the travel funds at the conclusion of the grant period (May 31, 2022).