International Wires

Texas Global can accept international wire transfers to pay tuition for students enrolled at the University.

Please be mindful of tuition deadlines as the payment process can take up to two weeks. Deadlines can be found on the Texas One Stop payment deadlines page.

Wire Instructions

For Wire Instructions:


Once Wire Has Been Sent:

Email In the email, please include:

  • Receipt of wire
  • The name and EID of the student
  • The amount of the wired amount
  • The date sent

If the following email is not sent, there could be a delay in posting the wire to your bill


Texas Global will charge a $175 processing fee for all incoming wire transfers.

  • The fee is charged for each semester when a wire transfer is made. The fee will be posted to your What I Owe page immediately after the initial wire is received and will be payable within 30 days to avoid a hold being placed on your account.

Additionally, the University charges a $5 wire fee, which will be taken directly from the wired amount.

  • This is in addition to any other fees charged by the sending bank or any intermediary bank involved. Therefore, the amount wired should factor in these amounts. (Note: the University wire fee is subject to change.)


Refunds are processed and sent back to students by the end of the current semester.

  • Once processed, it will take an additional two business weeks for a refund to disburse. Note: According to UT policy, if the student has unpaid bills that are currently due or past due the money will be transferred to pay those bills rather than being refunded to the student directly.

To have your refund sent as a direct deposit, please have an electronic funds transfer authorization in effect.

Otherwise the refund will be mailed to your local address on file.

If a student does not have a local address or electronic funds transfer authorization in effect, the refund will not disburse.

If you wire more funds than what is currently due on your My Tuition Bill: Any amount under $12,000 will be refunded back to you within the timeline stated above. Any amount that exceeds the $12,000 limit will be kept and carried over to be used to pay future tuition bills. If you do not have an outstanding tuition bill and send a wire payment, our office will not be able to claim the funds. The funds will be returned to the banking institution they came from. If your wire is sent to pay other bills aside from tuition, please contact the appropriate department.

If you had a credit or scholarship applied to My Tuition Bill after paying the balance please email A refund will be processed within the timeline stated above.

If you dropped a class and now your tuition bill is lower than before please email A refund will be processed within the timeline stated above.