Group of students at Global Professional Training.

Global Professional Training: Latin America

The 2021 Global Professional Training: Latin America took place virtually throughout March and April. The symposium included three alumni career panels followed by a one-day seminar on April 10 to further your knowledge of Latin America and provide you with resources for seeking careers engaged with the region.

The symposium included:

  • Career panels with UT alumni from government, nonprofit, STEM, public health, and medicine
  • Virtual networking and opportunities to interact with peers, professionals, and academics with interests and experience in the region
  • Expert and graduate student panels covering U.S.-Latin America foreign relations, public policy, social movements, and public health
  • Musical performance from Butler School of Music’s Hispanic Caribbean Ensemble
  • Interactive workshop on launching a global career

Upon completion, students received an official certificate documenting your acquisition of cross-cultural professional skills and knowledge of the region.

We look forward to offering more GPT Latin America opportunities in the future.

GPT Latin America programming is supported in part by LLILAS Benson Latin American Studies and Collections through a U.S. Department of Education National Resource Center grant.


GPT Latin America virtual forum attendees on a Zoom conference call


“After the professional training sessions, I have a wider view towards my future and career because many of the presenters emphasized that they went through the paths they didn’t even imagine taking. GPT helped me learn where and how to find an internship or job opportunity related to Latin America.”

Ayumi Uchiyama, B.A. ’21 Latin American Studies, GPT 2020 Virtual Forum Attendee

About GPT Latin America

Established in 2017 as GPT Mexico, the conference evolved to broadly focus on Latin America with the goal of developing students' cross-cultural professional skills, building a globally minded student network and celebrating cultures across the region. This internationally-focused experience is designed for students interested in pursuing international careers, especially in Latin America. Students participate in specialized dialogues about the region and develop marketable professional skills while exploring Latin America-related careers and relevant UT courses and programs.

The goal of the conference is for students to gain:

  • A stronger cultural and historical knowledge of Latin America and its current affairs
  • An understanding of communication and professional skills necessary to succeed in new cultural settings
  • Knowledge of and strategies for identifying emerging industries and professional opportunities across Latin America
  • A network of peers, professionals, and academics with interests and experiences in the region
Shalom Hernandez in a Flag Longhorn T-shirt.
GPT is a beneficial event to attend because not only do you expand your knowledge of the different opportunities, you build professional connections that can open many doors in the future, and meet like-minded individuals who you feel an instant bond with. Shalom Hernandez, B.S. '18 Applied Learning and Development , GPT 2018 Attendee

GPT Latin America 2020

The 2020 Global Professional Training: Latin America took place as a four-week virtual forum. More than 250 students participated, expanding their networks to include more globally-minded students and industry professionals while increasing their expertise and knowledge of a critical world region.


Scholarly advising provided by the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS). Special thanks to our distinguished speakers during the 2020 GPT Latin America Virtual Forum:

Dr. Sonia Feigenbaum, Senior Vice Provost for Global Engagement & Chief International Officer, UT Austin
Juan Carlos Sosa, Vice Minister for International Trade, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Republic of Panama

Ben Ramirez, Vice President & Executive Director, Center for International Trade, World Affairs Council of Austin

Cam Houser, CEO, Actionworks

Ian Brown, Foreign Service Officer, US Dept. of State (Brazil)
Saul Castelar, Vice-Minister for Transportation, Ministry of Public Works & Transportation, Republic of El Salvador
Daniela da Silva, Program Officer, Open Society Foundations (Brazil)
Adriana Aguilar, Founder, Yuxtem (Guatemala)
Donny Holaschutz, Energy & Sustainability Consultant, inodú (Chile)
Sean McKaughan, Chairman of the Board, Fundación Aviana (Brazil)
Dylan Baddour, Freelance Journalist (Colombia)
Dr. Nicolás Emilfork Lecturer of Guitar & Chamber Music, Universidad de Chile and Artistic Director, Fundación Guitarra Viva Ernesto Quezada
Leslie Mazoch, Senior Photo Editor – Latin America & Caribbean, Associated Press (Mexico)
Dr. Virginia Garrard, Director, LLILAS & Professor, Dept. of History
Dr. Kenneth Greene, Associate Professor, Dept. of Government
Dr. Raul Madrid, Professor, Dept. of Government
Dr. Victoria Rodriguez, Professor, LBJ School of Public Affairs
Dr. Laura Gutierrez, Associate Professor, Dept. of Mexican-America & Latina/o Studies
Dr. Gregory Knapp, Associate Professor, Dept. of Geography & the Environment and Director, Sustainability Studies 
Dr. Jacob Dizard, Postdoctoral Fellow, Central America/Mexico Policy Initiative, Robert Strauss Center
GPT Mexico group of students.
By attending this conference, I made personal connections with like-minded global citizens and learned more about pursuing career goals. Kristen Schmorleitz, B.A. '17 International Relations and Global Studies, GPT Mexico 2018 Attendee
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GPT is organized by Global Customized Programs within Texas Global and is supported by academic departments across campus including the Lozano Long Institute of Latin American Studies (LLILAS).

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