Casey Dedesma in Sydney, Australia.

Photo and Video Contest

Inspire Longhorns around the world with photos and videos captured during your experience abroad. 

Vote for Your Favorite Photos and Videos

During International Education Week, November 16-20, you can vote for the 2020 Education Abroad Photo and Video Contest winners on the Texas Global Facebook page. To vote for a photo or video, all you have to do is "like" it. The photo or video with the most likes in each category will win the contest, for a total of six winners.

Finalists will be notified via email once voting has opened on Monday, November 16. Help us spread the word by telling your friends to vote for your photos and videos!


Submit Your Photos & Videos

The 2020 Education Abroad Photo and Video Contest is closed for submissions. The 2021 contest will open in October 2021. Thank you to everyone who submitted photos and videos of their transformational international experiences!

Contest Categories

Artistic Eye

Showcase your creative vision, ranging from small details to large landscapes that capture a thought, feeling, idea, mood, or moment of your study abroad experience.

People of the World

Show us a normal day in a foreign country—from vendors at the market to locals walking the streets or people enjoying a festival.

Major Abroad

Give us an insight into your academic experience abroad! After all, studying is the core of studying abroad, so show us what your classes were like, how you worked on your projects, and perhaps how the university settings were different from UT.

Once in a Lifetime Moment

Everyone has that moment when they realize their study abroad experience truly is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Did you capture that moment on film? Share it with us!

Longhorn Pride

Show us yourself and/or your new friends (either local or UT students) participating in an exciting activity abroad, eating exotic food, doing the Hook ’em hand sign, or wearing your “flag Bevo” T-shirt in front of a historic building, landmark, or something fun.

Video Short

Create a short video, mini-documentary, or media collage that highlights your study abroad experience in less than 5 minutes.

Contest Rules

  • Photos and/or videos must be your original work.
  • Photos must be high-quality resolution, at least 2 MB and up.
  • Photos and/or videos must be taken while abroad on a UT education abroad program.
  • Photos and/or videos must be free of inappropriate content, including but not limited to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs.
  • By submitting photos to Texas Global, participants agree to grant Texas Global license for use of the photographs in displays related to the contest and in Texas Global’s printed and electronic publications. Photos may be modified, retouched, and used for promotional purposes on the Texas Global website, social media accounts, Flickr, and in brochures, fliers, or posters. By agreeing to these terms, entrants are releasing all submitted photos from any liability that may arise from the use of the images.

Tips for Recording Video

Videos are a great way to document and share your time abroad as a Global Ambassador. Here are some tips and tricks to recording high-quality videos.
Savannah leaning on stone wall in summer dress
In studying abroad, you are immersed in a new culture with a different language, lifestyle, foods, customs, and traditions. Unsurprisingly, this kind of experience will help you develop cultural sensitivity, facilitate the opportunity for other cultures to inform your own practices, and stimulate you intellectually. Savannah Breedlove, International Relations and Global Studies. Studied at Sciences Po in Riems, France.