Will S

Will Slade

English Language Center Faculty

Contact: sladewill@austin.utexas.edu

Will Slade has been teaching in the English Language Center at UT since 2014, and he has assisted with the CELTA ESL class administration since 2017. His current teaching specialties include advanced multi-genre writing, listening & speaking, undergraduate application essay writing, writing teaching methods, U.S. and Texas culture, U.S. educational systems and culture, workplace Spanish, workplace ESL, writing for accountants, and writing for engineers. He loves incorporating technology and low-stakes engaging practice opportunities into his classes while challenging students with rigorous, relevant material and clear learning objectives. 

He started his teaching career in Loja, Ecuador, and since then he has taught high schoolers, children, and adults in Denton, Texas and Austin, Texas. He maintains a Texas high school and elementary school teaching license, and loves collaborating with teachers at all levels to improve educational outcomes for their students. His studies at UT Austin include a B.A. in English and Plan II Honors with a minor in Spanish and Master’s in in Foreign Language Education. He speaks Spanish proficiently and continues to work on his French and Portuguese with ambitions to learn the languages of all of his students. He also loves playing the cello, reading, writing, cycling, swimming, giving tours of Austin, and exploring new places here and around the world.