Jessika M

Jessika Macías

Assistant Director


Before joining Texas Global in August 2021, Jessika was the International Programs Manager for The Experiment in International Living, a program of World Learning. Once upon a time, she taught middle school social studies and history in west Texas, Colombia, and Armenia. Through the years, Jess has led student programs abroad to Costa Rica, Cuba, France, Peru, and South Africa, and in the U.S. with Outward Bound. She also spent some time volunteering with the Study Abroad Office at UTEP (UT El Paso).

Jess has a BA in psychology from Stanford and an MA in international communication from the School of International Service at American University. As an undergrad, Jess studied abroad with Stanford in Paris and spent a summer in London through BUNAC. Since hooked, he went to back to Paris during grad school to study at Sciences Po.

Jess was raised on the Mexican-American border in Ciudad Juárez and El Paso, TX, but she discovered what the Japanese call shinrin-yoku in the Northwoods. Jess loves street food and canoeing, and she tries but mostly fails to do a crossword and some form of exercise on a daily basis.