Ellen S

Ellen Stader

Senior Writer

Contact: ellen.stader@austin.utexas.edu

Ellen Stader is the Senior Writer for Texas Global. Her first gig in town, interning with the “Austin City Limits” TV show on PBS, launched her into production work for iconic media outlets including KLRU TV, Detour Films, Austin Museum of Art, KOOP Radio, ACL, and SXSW. Ellen subsidized a simultaneous stage career — performing, choreographing, and producing modern dance events — with decades of bread-and-butter work in writing and editing.

Before arriving at Texas Global, Ellen wrote and edited for Texas Co-op Power and other magazines, digital marketing agencies, educational media firms, and hundreds of freelance clients. She has visited the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Mexico, the Netherlands, and South Korea. After every trip, she can't wait for the next destination.