Eiffel Tower against a deep blue sky with the tops of trees in the foreground for scale

Alysia Garcia

Contracts Specialist

Contact: alysia.garcia@austin.utexas.edu

Alysia comes to Texas Global from her previous position at UT in the Testing and Evaluation Services Center where she was working as a Senior Testing Specialist for the past three years.  As a first-generation college graduate originally from Tampa, Florida, she earned her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Social Work from Florida State University. While studying at Florida State, she had the opportunity to study abroad in Dresden, Germany, and London, England. These study abroad programs sparked her passion for international experiences and education.

Alysia has lived in Seoul, South Korea working as an English teacher for two years and hopes to explore and travel to new countries such as Costa Rica, Norway, Thailand, or Argentina.  In her personal time, she enjoys reading a good book and running.