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Global Virtual Exchange Initiative

The Texas Global Virtual Exchange initiative encourages UT Austin faculty to co-create collaborative online international learning courses with peers at universities around the world. Virtual exchanges foster meaningful, sustainable, and accessible international experiences for all UT Austin students.

UT Austin faculty and their international partners co-develop and co-teach undergraduate/graduate courses or modules within courses. Content is delivered synchronously and asynchronously. UT students gain global perspectives, deepening their understanding of the subject matter while engaging in projects or problem-based learning.

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Funding Opportunity

The Texas Global Virtual Exchange initiative supports faculty wishing to collaborate with peers at institutions abroad to co-create courses or course modules delivered virtually via widely available online technology. Global virtual exchanges allow students to participate in interactive learning, are excellent vehicles for project and problem-based activities, and foster a context for cross-cultural interaction thereby enhancing their global competency. Virtual exchanges contribute to UT Austin’s aim of integrating global perspectives and innovating teaching practices into the curriculum.


Tenure and non-tenure track faculty, lecturers, and professors of the practice, with a minimum of a half-time appointment and at least two semesters of teaching experience at UT Austin at the time of application, are eligible to apply. Collaboration between faculty and graduate students is allowable if the eligible faculty member is the principal applicant and the instructor of record. Faculty are eligible for one Global Virtual Exchange award per funding cycle.

Funding and Activities Supported

Track A: Single Institution Partnership

Grants of up to $3,000 will be awarded for proposals that include one international partner. An additional $500 will be awarded to proposals that include a collaborating institution in Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, or Africa. Faculty who have previously received funding under the Global Classroom or Global Virtual Exchange grant opportunities are ineligible for track A unless to teach an entirely new course with a new international partner.

Track B: Multi-institution Partnership

Grants of up to $4,000 will be awarded for proposals that include two or more international partners from different countries. Each collaborating international institution will be awarded an additional $500 up to two international institutions. Time zone considerations must be taken into account to allow for synchronous communication among all students. Faculty who have received funding under the Global Classroom or Global Virtual Exchange grant opportunities must propose a new course that has not previously included collaborative online international learning.

** Allowable costs include faculty stipend/honorarium, travel, technology (webcams, audio equipment, software), graduate assistant support, and educational resources.

General Information

Global Virtual Exchanges can be incorporated into new or existing undergraduate and graduate courses. Faculty teaching Signature Courses and carrying UGS Flags are encouraged to apply. The virtual exchange can be implemented for the entirety of the course (semester or summer) or for a minimum of four weeks during the proposed course. Students earn credit and receive grades from their home university. Virtual exchange courses must include the following:

  • Collaboration with specified number of institutions per track requirements;
  • Digital technologies for teaching and learning;
  • Project or problem-based learning;
  • Minimum of 8 synchronous meetings that occur during or outside of scheduled class time as well as asynchronous learning not limited to:
    • Cultural presentations;
    • Group discussions;
    • Participatory lectures;
    • Collaborative group work;
    • Conversation hours; and
    • Student projects and peer-feedback.

Grant Period

May 15, 2022 – August 15, 2024

View more information and apply by March 25, 2022, 5pm CST.

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Global Virtual Exchange Faculty

Texas Global has awarded 59 grants to develop and implement virtual exchanges across 6 continents and 36 countries, serving thousands of students around the world. Many of our Global Virtual Exchange faculty forge long-lasting partnerships that result in multiple virtual exchange courses and research collaborations.

Register for a Global Virtual Exchange Course

When you enroll in a Global Virtual Exchange, you access global opportunities through your UT-Austin courses – for no additional cost.

Your UT GVE professor will partner with an international professor to co-teach a module, and you will participate in collaborative learning activities with students at the international university. This “virtual exchange” will enable you to

  • Explore new cultures and global perspectives
  • Work on group projects and make contacts with students abroad
  • Access lectures by international experts and scholars
  • Prepare for future international education or work
  • Gain professional skills such as intercultural competence and digital literacy

How to Register

Enroll in a GVE course as you would any other at UT; there is no separate application process. Remain registered on campus and receive credit and grades from your home professor, all while globalizing your UT experience.

Global Virtual Exchange courses have been offered in 12 colleges and schools at UT-Austin, and are taught at both the undergraduate and graduate level.

It is recommended that students confirm the Global Virtual Exchange with the instructor prior to enrolling.