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International Graduates in Class of 2023 Become Longhorns for Life 

  • May 5, 2023

[Editor’s Note: In celebration of The University of Texas at Austin’s Class of 2023, Texas Global presents a miniseries featuring international graduates who leave a lasting impact on their UT Austin community.] 

The Graduating International Student Reception is hosted each spring by Texas Global to celebrate commencement and honor our world-changing international students for all they have accomplished and contributed to The University of Texas at Austin. 

This year, we had more than 800 international UT Austin graduates representing 71 countries. The reception, which was held May 2, included several students and scholars from among this diverse and talented group who shared thoughts about their education at UT Austin and its effect on their career paths.  

The reception's keynote speaker was Longhorn alumnus Andres Gutierrez, founder and CEO of kidney health care firm MSC Health Holdings, innovator for the Innovations in Healthcare global network, and 2015 finalist for the EY Entrepreneur of the Year Mexico award.

More than half a million UT Austin alumni live in 176 countries and contribute to 18 international Texas Exes chapters across the world. Texas Global congratulates all our graduates and welcomes them to become Longhorns for Life!  

International UT graduate Ganga Tandukar stands smiling with folded arms

Ganga Tandukar
Kathmandu, Nepal 
Master’s Degree in Nutritional Sciences


Why did you choose to attend UT Austin? 

UT Austin offers a wide range of academic programs and highly qualified and experienced faculty members. The university values diversity and inclusion, and is committed to creating a welcoming environment to all students, including international students. UT Austin also provides students with services and resources to support their academic and personal development. I had a great experience with the interviewers during my admission process. And I chose to attend this university because Austin is a beautiful, vibrant and diverse city. 

International UT graduate Kyrylo Boiko smiles in front of a river

Kyrylo Boiko
Kyiv, Ukraine
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

Why did you choose to attend UT Austin? 

I liked UT’s Computer Science Department’s rigor and research focus and the university’s prime position as a hub of Austin — a developing, interesting young city. 

How has your time at UT Austin impacted your career path?  

At UT, I was introduced to Smart Cities, a great discipline, the extent of which I wouldn't have explored otherwise. I also continued my exploration of robotics, where I was able to take an honors course and a graduate course in the topic.  

International UT graduate Eniola Longe gives a glowing smile

Eniola Longe 
Lagos, Nigeria
Master’s Degree in Journalism and Media

What communities did you connect with in Austin?   

The National Association of Black Journalists, Bridges International and Texas Global. 

How has your time at UT Austin impacted your career path? 

In every way, I have definitely gotten a clearer idea of what path I want to take in my field, as well as the tools to get there. 

International UT graduate Dhruv Dolakia smiles in a pink shirt

Dhruv Dholakia
Mumbai, India
Master’s Degree in Finance


Why did you choose to attend UT Austin? 

McCombs' MSF program is ranked among the top three programs in the country and among the top 50 in the world. Nothing would be better than studying at such a top-ranking institution! So, although I did get accepted into other colleges, this was the one defining factor [that made] the decision pretty obvious. I also learned that McCombs has a strong alumni network and is big on networking, extracurricular activities and providing opportunities for students to grow. That's more than one could ask for! 


International UT graduate Shadya Taleb smiles in the woods

Shadya Taleb
Pereira, Colombia
Master of Science in Energy and Earth Resources 

What has been your most rewarding experience at UT Austin? 

My most rewarding experience was being surrounded by a community of scientists who are working toward a planet with lower greenhouse gas emissions while balancing energy demands and anticipating future increases in consumption.  

How has your time at UT Austin impacted your career path? 

I gained practical experience through research projects with professors and scientists who are leaders in their fields. I also built relationships with peers who shared my interests, and learned to manage my time effectively and prioritize my goals, which has been very valuable! 

International UT graduate Afnaan Qayyum smiles in a puffy coat

Afnaan Qayyum
Rawalpindi, Pakistan
Master of Global Policy Studies


Why did you choose to attend UT Austin?  

I wanted to pursue a policy degree, but one that was not entirely focused on one region of the world. Most policy programs are either public affairs or public policy and are geared toward policy problems in the United States. As an international student, I really appreciated my program in global policy studies. It gave me the opportunity to pursue exactly what I loved: mental health policy in low- and middle-income countries.