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Global Career Accelerator Offers Longhorns Worldwide Professional Knowledge

  • Mar 28, 2024
  • Education Abroad

Texas Global is thrilled to announce the launch of the UT Austin Global Career Accelerator, a virtual internship program that places students on international teams to work on and deliver client-driven projects.  

Beginning in Summer 2024, The University of Texas at Austin will offer undergraduates the opportunity to acquire in-demand skills, gain intercultural competencies and obtain real-world experience by collaborating with peers from across the globe.  

Texas Global has partnered with Podium Education to provide experiences that will equip students with the skills essential for success in the global workplace. Components of the program include asynchronous lessons featuring subject matter experts and client simulations, industry tools and programs, as well as synchronous laboratory sessions, in which students work with supervisors and peers to plan and execute projects.  

Students who participate in the Global Career Accelerator will work online in small groups representing more than 50 countries, collaborating on projects for companies such as Uber, Spotify, Google, Netflix, Airbnb and Shopify.  

“The Global Career Accelerator is a phenomenal opportunity for Longhorns to gain skills and connect virtually with transnational corporations. Our students will have a competitive advantage in a globalized job market,” said Sonia Feigenbaum, senior vice provost for global engagement and chief international officer. “The enhancement of intercultural competency and focus on team collaboration gives access to international professional experiences for students of all backgrounds.” 

The virtual internship program offers four innovative introductory tracks over the course of the summer term: digital marketing, coding for web, data analytics, and coding for data. Each track, which satisfies six credit hours, is available to undergraduate students from all majors and backgrounds. 

Additionally, students will grow their intercultural competency by learning to collaborate in diverse groups and work alongside project supervisors to develop team roles and understand project scoping. The curriculum will provide workplace simulations and guidance from intercultural communication experts, who will offer opportunities for critical reflection and application of new global learning concepts.  

To enhance their technical skills, students will receive feedback and evaluation from industry experts while building their proficiency with in-demand tools like Tableau, Shopify and Python, thus bolstering their resumés and career readiness.  

Financial aid is available for the UT Austin Global Career Accelerator, as long as it counts toward a student’s total number of courses for graduation. The program will continue in Fall 2024, offering 3 credit hours.  

With the removal of travel requirements via the virtual format, more Longhorns will graduate with an internship experience and become better prepared for an evolving global marketplace. Enrollment for Summer 2024 will be open April 8-19; visit the UT Austin Global Career Accelerator website for more information.