Monica Patricia Arboleda Martínez, who is from Colombia, is thriving at UT Austin's English Language Center.

English Language Center Propels Systems Engineer to Next Level

  • Mar 31, 2022

After receiving a bachelor’s degree in computer and systems engineering in Colombia, Monica Patricia Arboleda Martínez knew she wanted to attend graduate school at a university in the United States. But first, she wanted to improve her English skills. 

That’s what led her to The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Global’s English Language Center (ELC), which offers a multitude of programs aimed at achieving language proficiency with a curriculum based on personal and professional needs.  

In addition to a supportive learning environment, ELC programs also provide a transnational community and social events to help make UT Austin and the U.S. feel more like home for students. Here is what Martínez had to say about her language learning experience thus far. 

How long have you been studying [English at UT Austin], and how has this program helped you to handle future studies at a U.S. university? 

I have been studying English in the U.S. for two years, and I think that my English has greatly improved. Currently, I feel more confident speaking in English with any person. I can read and write informal and academic writing, and I am familiar with most of the English grammar rules. All these improved English skills have helped me with my future goal of studying at a U.S. university because I can write essays, resumés and emails for applications to graduate programs, communicate with professors and prepare for the TOEFL and GRE tests. 

How did you choose your intensive English program?  

I considered different factors to choose the intensive English program (Academic English Program and English Language Program) at The University of Texas at Austin. First, the program offers English courses for international students interested in improving their English skills for academic and career purposes. Second, the program is offered by a high-ranked U.S. university, which has graduate programs related to information and technology fields in which I am interested in applying. Third, the city of Austin has a growing tech hub, nice weather, lakes and it is surrounded by parks. I had the opportunity to visit Austin before moving here for studying, and I loved it. 

What do you like best about studying here? 

There are a variety of aspects that I like about studying at the intensive English program at UT. However, what I like the best is that I have lived the in-person experience of studying English and attending classes in a U.S. university campus with U.S. professors and students from different countries. Moreover, I like that I have always had orientation and help from classmates, professors, and all the staff from the English Language Center. 

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