Choosing a Major

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As an undocumented student, there are some questions you should ask to ensure you could graduate as certain programs have specific requirements such as study abroad.

Questions to ask:

An internship whether paid or unpaid may require a Social Security Number. There are certain majors that require an internship in order to graduate, however not all internships require a SSN.

If so, keep in mind that traveling outside of the United States without a valid passport and a permanent residency card or visa will prevent re-entry to the United States. Certain majors such as International Relations do have alternative pathways to complete your degree without leaving the country. The best thing to do is discuss your particular situation with an advisor.

A security clearance will likely require you to complete a background check that will require a Social Security Number. Speak with your project supervisor and discuss whether there might be any alternatives for acquiring a security clearance.

Most licensure exams require you to provide proof of identity in the form of your SSN. It's important to discuss your particular situation with your graduate advisors early in your program.