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About the Longhorn Dreamers Project

The Longhorn Dreamers Project is a collaborative effort between University Leadership Initiative and Texas Global to strengthen support services on campus for undocumented students enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin.

Striving to encourage more inclusive policies, Texas Global is an ally of the undocumented student population at UT. We connect students and faculty with resources, and educate the larger community about undocumented students among our campus community through: an informative website, the facilitation of forums, workshops and student outreach.


History and Background

As Texas Global envisions a world transformed by educational opportunity and global education, our mission is to facilitate the internationalization of UT by providing exemplary services to the international and university community. In our service to students over the years, we have found that a certain percentage of the international community is in a unique position.

Undocumented students, who gained wider access to Texas higher education in 2001 through the passage of House Bill 1403 are a growing population on the UT campus. Although many undocumented students have lived in the U.S. the majority of their lives, they are considered a part of the international community that Texas Global serves. We believe that there is a particular set of barriers and challenges for students who are undocumented as they navigate policies, processes and academic requirements of university study.

Undocumented students at UT add richness and value to the university community. It is our hope that, regardless of immigration status and personal circumstance, they are supported and empowered to reach their full potential at the university.


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For questions related to this project, contact utdreamers@austin.utexas.edu.