Global Classrooms

Global Classrooms blend, either wholly or in part, courses at UT Austin with courses at international partner universities using online technology to connect students, foster collaboration, and facilitate co-teaching. Students receive credit from and pay tuition to their home university.

Courses feature either a significant international online portion extending for the duration of the course or can choose to connect digitally for specific topics or modules. Training and support are provided by Teaching & Learning Services in the UT Libraries, Faculty Innovation Center and Liberal Arts Instructional Technology Services.

Faculty Grants

UT Austin faculty are encouraged to learn about available grant opportunities to offer a Global Classroom at the Faculty Internationalization Workshop.

Global Classrooms Courses

  • ANT 324 L: Lie of the land: Landscape and Power in Texas and New South Wales with Dr. Jason Cons, in collaboration with University of Newcastle in Australia
  • HIS 350: Global Environmental History - Radical Hope: Inspiring Present-day Sustainability Transformations through an Examination of Our Past with Dr. Erika Bsumek, in collaboration with Queens University Belfast in Northern Ireland
  • HIS 363K/GRG 365T/LAS 330: Mapping Latin America with Dr. Lina Del Castillo, in collaboration with La Universidad Nacional de Colombia
  • MUS 329J: Introduction to Computer Music with Prof. Nina Young, in collaboration with Mahidol University in Thailand
  • N 147: Global Studies in Gerontological Nursing with Dr. Tracie Harrison, in collaboration with Xiangya Nursing School, Central South University in China
  • PBH 338: Environmental Health with Dr. Marilyn Felkner, in collaboration with La Universidad del Valle in Guatemala
  • PSY 326K: Principles of Conditioning & Learning with Dr. Michael Domjan, in collaboration with Ankara University in Turkey
  • RTF 366K: Death and Documentary: Introduction to Documentary Production with Dr. Andrew Garrison, in collaboration with Politécnico do Porto in Portugal
  • TD 351T: Teaching Artists in Schools and Communities with Dr. Kathryn Dawson, in collaboration with University of South Australia
  • CE 375: Earth Slopes and Retaining Structures with Dr. Chadi El Mohtar, in collaboration with American University of Beirut and the National Autonomous University of Mexico    
  • CH317: AIF Laboratory Techniques with Dr. Simon Humphrey, in collaboration with the National Autonomous University of Mexico
  • GEO416K: Earth Materials with Dr. Liz Catlos, in collaboration with Heidelberg University in Germany
  • GER 382M: Immigration in Germany and the US with Dr. Barbara Laubenthal, in collaboration with the University of Passau
  • HIS364: Violence & Visual Culture: Research in the Archive with Dr. Benjamin Brower, in collaboration with the University of Paris Nanterre in France
  • IRG 378: Capstone Research in International Relations and Global Policy Studies with Dr. Stephanie Seidel Holmsten, in collaboration with Pontifical Catholic University of Chile 
  • N265: Nursing Care of Childbearing Families with Dr. Chris Abbyad, in collaboration with Moi University in Kenya
  • RTF303: Introduction to Media and Entertainment Industries with Dr. Wenhong Chen, in collaboration with Shanghai University of Law & Political Science
  • RTF 359/LAS 322: Latin American Television with Dr. Joseph Straubhaar, in collaboration with University of Aveiro in Portugal
  • AET 308: Music, Technology & Culture with Dr. Jack Stamps, in collaboration with Luleå University of Technology in Sweden
  • CSD313L: Hearing Science with Dr. Chang Liu, in collaboration with Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China
  • E 321: Shakespeare: Selected Plays with Dr. John Rumrich, in collaboration with Zhejiang University in China
  • FR 317C: Enhancing French Skills with Dr. Patricia Kyle, in collaboration with the Université Grenoble-Alpes in France
  • IRG 378: Capstone Research in International Relations and Global Policy Studies with Dr. Stephanie Seidel Holmsten, in collaboration with Pontifical Catholic University of Peru in Peru 
  • LAS 370P: Culture, Race & Ethnicity in the Americas with Dr. Sonia Roncador, in collaboration with the University of Brasilia in Brazil
  • POR 367P: Portuguese for the Professions: Business in Brazilian Life & Culture with Dr. Orlando Kelm, in collaboration with University of São Paulo and Adventist University of São Paulo in Brazil
  • UGS 302: Sexual Violence Across Mexican Cultures with Dr. Gloria González-López, in collaboration with the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education in Mexico



Lena Suk, Program Administrator


Featured Story

French student, Max Leconte, smiles in front of world map.

To date, more than 7 courses serving 178 UT students across five majors have leveraged technology to learn alongside courses at universities in six countries. One of those courses had an extra international component: teaching assistant Maxence Leconte. Leconte is a doctoral candidate from France and in spring 2018, he served as an assistant instructor for Enhancing French Skills, an intermediate French course. Leconte taught alongside Dr. Patricia Kyle, who was awarded a grant from Texas Global to transform her classroom into a global classroom.

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