Independent Study and Research (ISR)

If you're interested in conducting research or studying independently abroad while maintaining UT enrollment, independent study and research (ISR) may be right for you. Learn more about requirements, credit, deadlines and other pertinent information.

General Information

Application Steps

  1. Determine if you will be traveling to a UT-Restricted Region

    If you are traveling to a UT-Restricted Region, If you must get International Oversight Committee (IOC) Approval. You can apply for this and ISR at the same time. Students not traveling to a UT-Restricted Region should proceed directly to the next step.

  2. Email

    Email with the following information:

    -Subject line: ISR Request

    -First Name

    -Last Name


    -When your first Semester abroad will be

    -The country where the research will take place

    -Indicate if you are awaiting IOC approval for travel to a UT-Restricted Region

    You will then be granted access to the MyAbroad Portal and sent an email notification.

  3. Submit Additional Application Elements

    Log into the online portal or "MyAbroad" and complete the "Online Registration Form" along with all listed steps/modules.

    Download the ISR Cover Sheet, and obtain the required signatures. If you or your supervising professors are out of the country, email the cover sheet and one-page proposal to your faculty member and graduate adviser for an email approval. Send all documents and approvals to the ISR Coordinator at

    Complete a one-page abstract/proposal that addresses when, where, for how long, and for what purpose you will be abroad. Email the application to or turn it in at Texas Global front desk or mail it to Education Abroad's physical address (listed in our website footer) - [attention ISR Coordinator]

  4. Receive Email Notification

    Once final approval has been granted, including Restricted Region requests, an email notification will be sent to the students confirming the student's ISR application status. You will then be registered in ISR 00090.