Safety Updates: February 2018

February 20

As mentioned in the Safety Update published on January 9, 2018, the U.S. State Department has replaced Travel Warnings and Alerts with a color-coded, numerical rating system of Travel Advisories for every country. All countries have a U.S. State Department Travel Advisory with an overall rating between 1-4. This new rating system has been incorporated into the internal UT Austin risk rating structure which includes International SOS Global Risk Ratings and CDC Travel Health Notice Warning Level 3 issuances. The UT Austin ratings will continue to be Category 1 through 4, with 4 applying to… Read more

February 12

  ‘Day Zero’ sounds like something from a dooms day movie, but unfortunately it’s being used as the term for the day Cape Town and surrounding areas run out of water. Cape Town is projected to be the first major city to run out of water. “After three years of unprecedented drought, the city of Cape Town has less than 90 days’ worth of water in its reservoirs.” (TIME)  ‘Day Zero’ is tentatively anticipated to occur on May 11, 2018, forcing authorities to ask residents to drastically cut down on their daily use. The government of South Africa is hopeful ‘Day Zero’ won’t come to fruition, but… Read more

February 5

  The 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games will take place in South Korea from 09 – 25 February and 09 – 18 March, respectively. Those traveling to South Korea during this times should anticipate amplified security measures and related disruption, particularly in Gangneung and PyeongChang (both in the Gangwon province).  On 02 February, the South Korean government began deploying security force personnel throughout the Gangwon province and at all airports across the county as part of its security strategy for the Games. Individuals traveling to South Korea should expect a… Read more