Project Resources

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Proposal Template

Student teams must complete a written proposal according to a standardized template. Students must attend an information session before proposals will be accepted and are strongly encouraged to attend all scheduled proposal preparation events.

Check back shortly for the 2019-2020 proposal template.


Student Interest Facebook Group

If you want to apply for the President’s Award but you’re still looking for a team, join this Facebook group designed to help match students with others looking for group members or ideas for their proposal.


Information for Partners

If you are interested in serving as a host organization, please email


Travel Policies

Some countries may be covered under the university's Restricted Region Travel Policy and require special considerations.

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Eligible Regions and Country List

Projects must be located in one of seven regions. Only one project per region will be selected to receive the award. The regions are defined as Central America, Mexico, and the Caribbean, South America, Europe, Russia, and the Caucasus, Sub-Saharan Africa, Middle East, North Africa, and Central Asia, East Asia, and South/Southeast Asia and Oceania.

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Project Examples

Browse sample project ideas by theme.

  • Partner with an NGO in Oaxaca Mexico focused on reducing maternal mortality rates to examine approaches that can be beneficial to the state of Texas.
  • Work with an international partner to form an agriculture and vocational focused school that will empower the marginalized youth in Senegal.
  • Collaborate with a university in Thailand to create STEM educational tools that can be accessed via technology in marginalized communities.
  • Partner with a nutrition center in Guatemala to reinforce healthy dietary practices in maternal and post-maternal care. Community education could occur within the broader community with regard to diet and the education of community members.
  • Partner with a social entrepreneurship business that trains HIV positive people in Kenya to become self-supporting artisans to expand their market and fine-tune business practices. Work with the program on training needs and marketing strategies.
  • Use technology and research to help farmers in India have access to education and resources through their mobile phones.
  • Partner with a local organization in Cameroon to help address the energy infrastructure problems in Sub-Saharan African countries by investigating and creating business models and go to market strategies around off-grid solutions, including solar power.
  • Work with IC2 to help empower female entrepreneurs in rural India by providing communication tools, training and opportunities that enable start-up businesses formed by women.
  • Partner with NGO in France to research the humanitarian impact of the refugee crisis affecting Europe through four distinct lenses: Supply Chain, Anthropology, Communication, Medical.
  • Students in material science, petroleum engineering, geosciences, and mathematics will utilize state of the art wave tank technology to research the impact of ocean currents on lightweight materials in partnership with the University of Edinburgh FloWave Ocean Energy Research Facility.
  • Investigate the impact of social structures on language acquisition in rural Guatemala through the lens of education, Spanish language, social work, and nursing with support of an NGO in Antigua.
  • Deploy techniques of archival studies to determine the impact of non-Western music on Western cultures, a team of students from Ethnomusicology, Humanities, Marketing and Education will work together to explore the boundaries and relationships of music.


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