While you are in Austin

Studying in another country is both exciting and challenging. Please reach out the the Exchange Coordinator if you need assistance navigating UT, Austin and immigration issues while you are here.


You must have health insurance that meets both U.S. Department of State and UT requirements while studying at UT. All reciprocal exchange students in J-1 status are automatically enrolled in the UT Student Health Insurance Plan at registration. It is not possible to waive this requirement. The cost of the insurance plan is included in your tuition and fee bill. Detailed information about insurance for exchange students can be found on the Insurance Requirements for Exchange Students page.


Exchange students in J-1 visa status may work on campus up to 20 hours/week while school is in session. J-1 visa holders must report on campus employment to Texas Global before starting work. The work must take place on UT's campus and must be paid by UT. Please contact the Exchange Coordinator if you have any questions before starting your work. A great place to look for on campus jobs is the Hire a Longhorn Job Bank. Please be aware that not all positions in the Hire a Longhorn job Bank are on campus positions. For more information about on campus employment check out the On Campus Employment page.

As a J-1 exchange visitor, you are eligible for off campus work authorization called academic training. The maximum length of academic training is the duration of your studies. You can use the start and end dates on your DS-2019 to determine the duration of your studies. Employment under academic training can be on or off campus, but it must be related to your major at UT. Check your DS-2019 to find your major at UT. You can do academic training either while enrolled, or immediately following the end of your studies at UT. You must apply for post-completion academic training before the expiration date on your DS-2019. Do not begin employment before authorization is in place. You can find information about how to apply for academic training on the J-1 Employment page. If you have any questions, contact the Exchange Coordinator.

Exchange Student Advising

Appointments with the Exchange Advisor are reserved for students who are on a reciprocal exchange from a partner university. Student interns and visiting scholars should make an appointment with a scholar advisor for their needs.

Schedule an appointment with the Exchange Student Advisor. As a courtesy to your fellow exchange students, please schedule only one appointment you know you can attend. Should you be unable to make your scheduled appointment, please refer to your appointment confirmation email for cancellation instructions.

The following services do not require an appointment. You may come in during our Walk-In Signature Hours (Tuesdays 1:30-3:00 and Thursdays 9:30-11:30) without an appointment to request:

  • Travel Signature on your DS-2019
  • Employment Verification Letter for SSN for on campus employment
  • Signing a Q-Drop form (if you are dropping a class but will still maintain full-time enrollment)
  • Enrollment Verification Letter

For general questions, please email: exchangeadvisor@austin.utexas.edu.