Applying to UT Exchange Programs

We’re excited that you’re interested in studying at The University of Texas at Austin! To be eligible to apply, your home university must have a reciprocal exchange agreement with UT. Next, your home institution’s exchange coordinator or study abroad office will need to nominate you as a candidate for exchange After you have been nominated, you will need to complete the general application process. Some departments may have restrictions, additional deadlines or extra requirements you must fulfill. Please review the details if you are interested in applying to one of the departments listed below.

Restricted Program Applications

Some programs at UT have specific application requirements, including earlier deadlines and mandatory supplemental materials. Descriptions of these requirements are listed below.

The School of Architecture will accept a limited number of students from certain partner institutions. A portfolio is required for application. Please contact the UT Exchange Coordinator for a detailed description of application requirements.

The Computer Science program can only accommodate a limited number of exchange students. Students are welcome to apply to the program, but admission is not guaranteed and is subject to departmental review. Students accepted as Computer Science majors will be able to take no more than two Computer Science courses per semester. Students who are not admitted to the Computer Science major will not be allowed to enroll in Computer Science courses.

The Dell Medical School is currently closed to exchange students. UT is happy to accept medical students into other related undergraduate majors, such as Biology or Neurosciences.

The University of Texas at Austin Moody College of Communication relies on the Academic Information Form and submitted transcripts to determine whether it can accommodate students’ interests. Be sure to complete all sections of the Academic Information Form carefully. An applicant's field of study and/or coursework (as displayed on a transcript from their home institution) should align with one or more of the majors offered in the College of Communication. Students who do not meet this criterion will be required to choose a major outside of the College of Communication in order to participate in the exchange. Students who are accepted as exchange students in the College of Communication may be required to obtain permission to enroll in certain advanced courses within their area of study.

Programs housed in the Moody College of Communication include:

  • Advertising
  • Communication Sciences and Disorders
  • Communication Studies
  • Journalism
  • Public Relations
  • Radio-TV-Film

These programs often require significant prerequisite coursework.

The McCombs School of Business has separate exchange agreements with certain business schools abroad. MBA and BBA exchange programs follow their own nomination, admission and administrative procedures. If you are interested in participating in an exchange program with the Business School, follow the steps provided by the Business School and contact the Business School Exchange Coordinators with any questions:

Only Business Foundations classes from the Business School are open to general exchange students.

Other courses in the McCombs Business School are closed to students participating in the general exchange program. Students who wish to petition to enroll in an undergraduate level Business course outside of the Business Foundations courses must follow the required process upon arrival at UT. Approval cannot be given prior to arrival in Austin. Please note that a maximum of two courses are allowed per semester, and only on a space available basis. Exchange students registering for Business courses must meet prerequisite requirements listed for each course in the course schedule. Same or similar courses that have been completed must be listed on the transcript, a computer print-out, or Academic Information Form for McCombs School academic advisors to check during the academic advising period.

Exchange students in the general, UT-wide exchange may not take MBA courses.

Economics is a separate department in the UT College of Liberal Arts and not part of the McCombs School of Business. General exchange students at UT may attend UT as Economics majors.

In addition to completing the exchange application requirements, all prospective music majors are required to submit a second application directly to the Butler School. The Butler School of Music application will allow you to request an audition date or recorded audition, and upload letters of recommendation, pre-screening materials, portfolios, and resumes, as applicable to your program.
The Butler School of Music website provides detailed information about the process.

The Butler School of Music offers admission only to the fall semester. The music application is due December 1

Cockrell School of Engineering relies on the Academic Information Form and submitted transcripts to determine whether they can accommodate students’ interests. Be sure to complete the Academic Information Form carefully. Students in Electrical and Computer Engineering may be limited to 2 courses in their major per semester due to availability.

A portfolio and letters of recommendation are required to apply to Design, Studio Art, and Visual Art Studies. An essay and letters of recommendation are required to apply to Art History. Please contact the Exchange Advisor for a detailed description of application requirements.

Law School is a graduate program at UT. Undergraduate law courses are not offered. Courses in the School of Law are open only to students selected to participate in the School of Law exchange programs, established with specific law schools abroad.

A resume and letters of recommendation are required to apply to majors in Theatre and Dance. Some areas also require an audition, portfolio or interview. Please contact the Exchange Coordinator for a detailed description of application requirements.

The School of Information (iSchool) has some classes available at the undergraduate level, but there is no undergraduate major. Students who are interested in taking classes from the iSchool should apply to the UT exchange program with another major. The ability to participate in iSchool classes is subject to availability and students should plan to be flexible.

General Application Process

Fall Semester (August - December): March 1
Spring Semester (January - May): October 1

  1. Create your UTEID: Create your UT electronic identification, UTEID. Be sure to indicate that you plan to apply as a student to The University of Texas at Austin. Failure to indicate your student status will prevent you from accessing the application form.
  2. Apply online:
    • You will need a pass-code to begin the application process. You will receive an email with the pass-code after your home university has nominated you to participate in the exchange program.
    • Make sure the name you provide on the online application matches the name listed in your passport exactly. This information will be used to issue your immigration document for your student visa.
    • Use only standard English characters when entering your information (no accent marks or special characters).
    • Note that once your application form has been submitted, you will be automatically admitted to the university; however, you will not be able to participate in any restricted programs without the department's approval. 
  3. Wait to receive your official admission to UT Austin. You will be notified of this by email and in the MyStatus page.   
  4. Upload your application documents to the myIO portal: Access to myIO will become available on 3/1/2020 and after you have been admitted to UT (may take up to 1 week for your official admission to be processed)
    • Academic Information Form: Complete this online form so we can tell UT academic advisors about your interests. (Not required for Law School and Business School exchange participants.)
    • Current Academic Transcript: Must be an official transcript on transcript paper or stamped and signed by a university official.
    • English Proficiency Form: Complete this form in myIO. Upload test scores if applicable, or ask your home institution to certify the online form as a secondary approver in myIO. Required for students who plan to attend UT with a J-1 student visa.
    • Passport: Identification page of your passport. This information will be used to issue your immigration document from UT.
    • Financial Documents: Required for students who plan to attend UT with a student visa. You must demonstrate to UT and to the United States consulate that you meet the financial requirements as explained on this webpage
    • Supplemental Documents: Supplemental documents are required for certain restricted majors, such as a portfolio for architecture or art majors. Please upload documents through the link provided in myIO and contact the Exchange Advisor for more details if you have questions.