Insurance Requirements for Exchange Students

You must have health insurance that meets both U.S. Department of State and UT requirements while studying at UT. All reciprocal exchange students in J-1 status are automatically enrolled in the UT Student Health Insurance Plan at registration. It is not possible to waive this requirement. The cost of the insurance plan is included in your tuition and fee bill.

Your health insurance begins on the first day of the month of your entry into the U.S. Exchange students starting in spring will have insurance starting January 1. Exchange students starting in fall will have insurance starting August 1. If your final semester at UT is fall, your insurance will end December 31. If your final semester at UT is spring, your insurance will end May 31.

Insurance cards will be mailed to the address listed in MyUT. If you need to use your health insurance before your card has arrived, please contact to receive a temporary card. You may need to provide proof of health insurance in order to join recreation sports teams at UT.

University Health Services (UHS) records will show that you are insured as soon as your insurance goes into effect. You do not need proof of health insurance to access care at UHS.

As a J-1 visa holder, you are required to have insurance that meets U.S. Department of State requirements while you are on post-completion academic training. If you would like to extend your coverage through UT, please contact before your current policy ends. If your employer will provide you with insurance during your post-completion academic training, you must ensure that coverage meets U.S. Department of State requirements. Frequently, domestic employer's insurance plans do not cover some of the requirements from U.S. Department of State: repatriation of remains and medical evacuation. If your employer's insurance policy does not cover these requirements, you may purchase them separately through International SOS.

Insurance Fees

After registration, you will need to visit the My Tuition Bill page to pay your fees. Exchange students are not billed for tuition, but you will need to pay an international student support fee and insurance fees. Your registration is not final until your fees have been paid. The charges that may appear on your tuition and fee bill and a description of the charges are included.

Understanding Insurance Fees

Code Description
ISSS Support Services Fee Fee to support staffing Texas Global
Fall or Spr Intl Hlth Ins Health insurance is charged per semester. The amount listed here is your insurance premium for your current semester only.
Fall or Spring Evac Ins This charge is for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains insurance. Medical evacuation and repatriation of remains are specific insurance requirements from the U.S. Department of State that all J-1 visa holders must have for the duration of their program.
Summer Intl Health Ins Summer health insurance will only be charged if your period of study requires your presence during the summer. For example: if you begin studying during the spring semester and end your studies during the following fall semester you would be required to have summer health insurance. Summer health insurance can also be added optionally for students who extend their program for post-completion academic training.
Summer Evacuation Ins Summer medical evacuation and repatriation of remains insurance will only be charged if you are required to have insurance coverage for the summer period or if you have optionally requested coverage for this period.
Intl Ins Admin Fee This fee supports a full-time staff member in Texas Global to assist with health insurance administration and support.