myIO Scholar FAQ

Under Departmental Services you can view your case by selecting New J-1 Scholar Request.

Once the eform is submitted but not yet approved by a scholar advisor, you should have the option to cancel the eform to make changes to it, then resubmit it. When the eform has already been approved, you will need to contact to inform us of the issue. A scholar advisor will reset the eform to a draft status in order for you to make any corrections to the eform and resubmit.

There is a list of required eforms and a legend at the bottom in myIO to reference the symbols. The most common statuses are:

  • Awaiting Answer: This means you have successfully submitted the eform and it is waiting second approval by the respective second approver (the sponsoring professor, department chair, or yourself).
  • Pending Review: This means that the eform was successfully submitted (and secondary approval has been provided if necessary) and now one of our advisors must review the submissions and provide final approval.
  • Complete: This means no further action needs to be taken on this eform.

We are required to verify that all prospective J-1 scholars have sufficient funding for the entirety of the J-1 program. Funding may be from the university, the Exchange Visitor's government, personal funds or a combination of these sources.

For requests initiated before September 1, 2019, the funding requirements for visiting scholars and researchers are:

  • $1,425/month (J-1)
  • $725/month (J-2 spouse)
  • $300/month (per J-2 child)

For requests initiated on or after September 1, 2019, the funding requirements for visiting scholars and researchers are:

  • $1,542/month (J-1)
  • $792/month (J-2 spouse)
  • $333/month (per J-2 child)

    Please list all funding sources and the total amount of funding for the entire J-1 program for each source, then upload supporting documents into myIO as a PDF or JPEG file.

    Please input your name exactly as it appears on your passport.

    If you have a middle name, please input it as part of your given name.

    Please note that there can be no special characters or hyphens. If there is a hyphen in your name, please just leave a space. If there are special characters please refer to your name at the bottom of the passport in between the arrows.

    Once ISSS has reviewed and approved ALL the required eforms from both the scholar and the department, then we will issue the DS-2019 as soon as possible. It usually takes 2 weeks from when you reach the DS-2019 Issuance stage.

    You will receive a detailed J-1 Scholar Pre-Arrival Guide (PDF) with your DS-2019 form. Please keep your department and ISSS informed regarding your visa issuance and arrival. Please communicate any delays as soon as possible.

    Once you arrive in Austin, please login to myIO to confirm your arrival. Then, please submit the J-1 Scholar Arrival eform and schedule a J-1 Orientation session.

    Please make sure that you complete and submit the J-1 Arrival Notification eform first, that eform will unlock the other eforms that you need to submit after arriving in the US. If you have any issues completing the J-1 Arrival Notification eform or the J-1 Scholar Arrival eform, please notify the Faculty & Scholars Services team by emailing so we can investigate.

    By submitting the J-1 Scholar Insurance Agreement eform, you are confirming that you understand the insurance requirements as part of your J-1 visa compliance. Please make sure that you fully review all of the insurance requirements on the J-1 Scholar Insurance Agreement eform. You can purchase your insurance prior to your arrival or wait until you arrive in the U.S., but you will need to provide proof of insurance that meets the coverage requirements within 3 days of your J-1 Orientation. Additional questions/concerns regarding health insurance can be directed to

    The Department of State requires that all J-1 Scholars have adequate health insurance for themselves and dependents (if applicable) throughout the duration of the J-1 program. If your department initiates a J-1 extension request, you will need to upload through myIO proof of adequate health insurance that shows coverage at least 3-4 months into the future. Additional questions/concerns regarding health insurance can be directed to

    Yes, you need to submit the required eforms through myIO and upload copies of your current immigration documents and proof of adequate health insurance.