Training and Workshops

How to Help UT’s International Students and Scholars

How do you hire an international scholar? What’s life like for an international student? What do you need to know about your students’ exchange program requirements? These are some of the questions International Student & Scholar Services tackles in our UTLearn Series. At UT, Texas Global isn’t the only group that needs to know how to work with and advise our 5,000+ international students and scholars. Our UTLearn sessions provide faculty and staff the tools they need to help students and scholars succeed.

This course covers the immigration processes involved in inviting international faculty and scholars to The University of Texas at Austin for teaching or research. The primary focus will be on J-1 and H-1B visa statuses, with some time devoted to the TN and O-1 statuses.

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UT departments may sponsor permanent researchers and faculty members for US Lawful Permanent Resident (LPR) status (i.e. a "green card"). This course will explain the LPR process and provide other important information for departments, including the common routes to permanent residence, the UT job titles eligible for sponsorship, timing issues associated with the process, and the various roles involved (institution, department, International Student and Scholar Services and the employee). It will also preview the relevant forms, describe other necessary documentation, and explain the process for family members.

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Understanding international student immigration issues can be quite complicated, especially those surrounding employment. This workshop is designed to give you basic knowledge of immigration to aid you in handling issues that your department may encounter when employing international students. Presenters will give an overview of international students at The University of Texas at Austin, employment options for those in F-1 and J-1 student status, and the hiring process for international students. Throughout this hands-on workshop, real-life examples and exercises will be given to help participants acquire practical skills for understanding international student issues related to employment.

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International students contribute to the diversity and cultural richness at The University of Texas at Austin by offering their unique worldview and perspectives in our classrooms and on campus. This workshop provides an overview of international students at the university, unique challenges they may experience and immigration-related academic and employment regulations they must adhere to while studying in Austin. The goal of this workshop is for attendees to gain an understanding of international students' experiences, varying cultural aspects, and how to support them for successful academic and personal pursuits.

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Student advisors from ISSS will help academic advisors navigate the sensitive issues that surround undocumented students. Walk away with tips on how to best serve and support your students.

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Learn all about reciprocal exchange programs, why they're important, and how to support exchange students. Additionally, take back best practices on advising exchange students and managing their special needs.

We do not currently have any sessions planned for this topic. If you have questions about supporting our exchange students, please contact the Exchange Coordinator at The University of Texas at Austin.

Inviting international visitors to UT can be a complicated process, especially when working with the specialized category of J-1 Student Intern. This workshop will address questions on a variety of topics, including eligibility, advantages and disadvantages to utilizing the J-1 Student Intern category, and department procedures for inviting J-1 Student Interns.

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This training is a requirement to access myIO, the information system that manages immigration processes for international faculty and scholars. This course is geared specifically toward staff and faculty who invite international scholars. Initiations include: J-1, J-1 student interns, H-1B employees, O-1 employees, and LPRs.

  1. Access the course by going to UT Learn.
  2. Click the “request” button which takes you to your active transcript page
  3. Locate the course and click the “launch” button
  4. You will see a grey page with a two-step instruction
    1. Click on the forward arrow once
    2. Then, click on the play button embedded in the center of the slide image
  5. After the 45 minute course, you will have a quiz to take.
  6. Send the Certificate to for ISSS to authorize you in myIO