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2017 Updates

Visa Applications and "Extreme Vetting"
07/20/2017 - The U.S. Department of State has implemented an additional screening process for selected visa applicants: Form DS-5535, Supplemental Questions for Visa Applicants. Embassy or consulate officials who believe there is a need to verify an applicant's identity, investigate a national security concern or risk of terrorism can request that applicants complete the DS-5535. It is estimated that this process will affect 0.5% of visa applicants to the United States. Visas cannot be denied based on applicants' race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, political views, gender, or sexual orientation. Information requested by the Form DS-5535 can include travel history, family information, contact information, and social media information.
The Supreme Court and Executive Order
06/26/2017 - The United States Supreme Court has partially lifted the stay on the presidential executive order signed in March 2017. An important exception is for individuals "who have a credible claim of a bona fide relationship with a person or entity in the United States." A bona fide relationship includes those who have been admitted as students to a U.S. school as well as those who have accepted an offer of employment with a U.S. employer. Texas Global will provide students and scholars further guidance as it becomes available.
Update on Executive Order
05/25/2017 - A federal appeals court has upheld the temporary restraining order on the presidential executive order signed on March 6, 2017. Texas Global's travel guidance remains unchanged and can be found on our website.
Executive Order Blocked
03/15/2017 - A federal court has issued a temporary restraining order on the presidential executive order signed earlier this month that would have gone into effect on 3/16/2017. Texas Global continues to monitor the situation as it unfolds in the court system and will update students and scholars as information is released.
Suspension of H-1B Premium Processing
03/06/2017 - USCIS has announced a suspension of Premium Processing for H-1B applications effective 4/3/2017.
Executive Order
03/06/2017 - Texas Global is studying the new executive order and will be reaching out as soon as possible to students and scholars affected by it with more detailed guidance. International students and scholars are vital to the mission of the university, and we deeply value the opportunity to work with them. Our office will do everything we can to support affected students and scholars as we work through the implications of the new order.
Immigration Update

02/28/2017 - Immigration Update Forum

The following resources were shared during the Immigration Updates Forum by: Student Emergency Services, Texas Global and the UT Law Clinic. The forum addressed: