Meet the Global Academy Team

The staff that run customized and sponsored programs at UT are a unique part of the larger International Student and Scholar Services team. Uniquely qualified to provide the best services, they bring years of experience across the world to craft transformative academic and intercultural experiences.


Teri Albrecht, Ph.D.

Interim Executive Director

(512) 471-7779 / Alternate: (512) 232-3920

Margaret Y. Luévano

Interim Director, International Student and Scholar Services

(512) 232-7958

Customized & Intercultural Programs

Anna Boxall

Intercultural Programs Coordinator

Angela Branigan

Assistant Director, Customized & Intercultural Programming

(512) 471-2459

Krystle Haney

Program Coordinator

(512) 471-4987

Mindy Lee

Program Coordinator

Joshua Monthei

Program Coordinator

Zach Simon

Program Coordinator

(512) 232-4359

Adnana Mulalic Vikalo

Program Coordinator

(512) 232-9573

Annette Whatley

Program Coordinator

(512) 471-1150

Sponsored and Exchange Programs

Patricia Gamboa

Assistant Director, Sponsored and Exchange Programs

(512) 471-2477

Abby Miller

Assistant Sponsored & Exchange Advisor

Tina F. Ross

Senior Program Coordinator of Sponsored & Exchange Programs

(512) 471-2477

ESL Customized Programs

Rachelle Bumgardner

Senior Student Affairs Administrator

Kate Gavancho

Marketing Coordinator