Programs and Partners

We partner with private and public entities throughout the world to provide exceptional academic and cultural experiences for students, faculty and professionals.

A group sits at a table for a meal.

Academic and Cultural Immersion Programs

These dynamic and holistic programs provide intensive academic instruction, enhance English language abilities, improve cultural understanding, offer networking opportunities, and foster development of leadership skills.

A person in a hijab reads from a paper at a podium.

Global Professional Training

Global Professional Training is a full-day conference that prepares students for international working and living environments, and provides them with an international peer-to-peer network. The conference draws on the expertise of university faculty, international educators and community leaders.


Grant Funded Programs

We administer a number of programs funded by competitive grants supported by private and public corporations. Our exceptional curriculum and program content have earned us numerous high-profile and high impact awards from organizations like USAID, the U.S. State Department, and Fulbright, among others.


Intensive English Programs

Short-term customized programs are designed specifically for groups that provide superior English as a Second Language (English Language Center) training plus unique cultural experiences, helping each participant advance their knowledge and communication skills. Programs include English Language and Culture, and Faculty and Teacher Trainings.


U.S. College Preparation

We help international students prepare for success in completing undergraduate or graduate from a university in the United States. Our customized college preparation services include admissions support, test preparation, coaching and mentoring.




University Partners

In addition to our robust exchange partnerships with top universities throughout the world, we partner with universities throughout the world to create special programs.

UT president Greg Fenves and a group stand in front of a Mexican flag.

Government, Nonprofit and Corporate Partners

The International Office collaborates with public and private organizations across the globe to create customized programs and to provide their sponsored students with an enriching academic and professional experience