Global Professional Training

Global Professional Training (GPT) is an educational series that prepares UT students for international careers, enhances their cross-cultural communication skills and builds a peer-to-peer network of globally-minded students. Participants take part in a two-day professional conference featuring renowned faculty, international educators and community leaders on the UT campus.

gpt asia

East and Southeast Asia

Increase your cross-cultural communication abilities and learn more about opportunities to live, study and work in East and Southeast Asia.

gpt mexico


Join us for the very first GPT conference focused on our nearest international neighbor to deepen your cultural, economic, and social understanding of Mexico.

Why attend GPT?

As people and organizations around the world interact in fast-paced and high-impact exchanges and collaborations, you need to be prepared to thrive in that environment. GPT helps you learn how to treat cultural differences not as stumbling blocks but rather as a foundation for growth and innovation. It gives you the appropriate tools to become global and cultural thinkers while providing you with an instant peer network to leverage as you take the next step in your career.

Who can participate?

Students in good standing at UT with demonstrated interest in the GPT regional focus are invited to participate. Similarly, international students from the region who want to connect with other students from your region and with students interested in learning more about your region are encouraged to attend.

If you have additional questions, please email