About the Academy

The world needs leaders who understand global issues and communicate across cultures. That's why we partner with organizations across the globe to coordinate a variety of customized programs that challenge students and professionals to expand their perspectives, build their cultural competency, and find new ways to affect change in an interconnected world.

Customized Programs for Students and Professionals

Our Global Academy consists of a diverse menu of programs and transformational experiences at one of the world’s best universities, we equip students and professionals with tools to communicate effectively, build their skills set, and achieve their goals. We combine world-class teaching and research faculty with a team of experienced international program professionals to develop content and oversee logistical details.

Whatever your organization and constituents need, we can customize a program to fit, including short term academic and cultural immersion programs, faculty and teacher training, intensive English programs, and college preparation for undergraduate and graduate study at U.S. universities.


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Sample Programs

While each program is customized to the specific needs of our partners, each program includes rigorous coursework and immersive cultural experiences.

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Logistics and Administration

Our team of exceptional and experienced program staff take care of very detail so the participants can focus on their academic and professional development.