Drawing Borders: A Region at the Crossroads Between North and South?


Graduate Students and Faculty





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This session is part of a three part series:
(Re)Thinking Borders in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Gulf Coast of the United States: Separation, Circulation, and Identification at an American Crossroads

Join us virtually for the first session of the “(Re)Thinking Borders” virtual series, where we will attempt to explore the essential in-betweenness of this central American, Caribbean, and Gulf Coast grouping, as well as observe the existence and validity of a supposed North/South border that crosses the area.

Discussion topics may include:

  • Is this territory North or South?
  • What complex blends of North and South are realized in the junctions of territories that borders implement?
  • What of transnational phenomena? Do they break down the North/South dialectic, or do they constitute another category?