Borders and (Hyper)Mobility at an American Crossroads: Toward New Territories?


Graduate Students and Faculty





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This session is part of a three part series:
(Re)Thinking Borders in Central America, the Caribbean, and the Gulf Coast of the United States: Separation, Circulation, and Identification at an American Crossroads

Join us virtually for the second session of the “(Re)Thinking Borders” virtual series, where we will pay close attention to both human and material circulations in the region, and try to understand how these reflect processes of fragmentation in the area, but are also productive of other forms of continuity. With a special emphasis on urban spaces, this session will look into what new territories arise from the utopia-dystopia of universal mobility.

Discussion topics may include:

  • How are borders, limits, frontiers, separations rearranged by the multiple forms of mobility in cities and across the region?
  • Do the different scales of mobility reflect similar territorial delineations?
  • What complex understanding of borders across the region can we draw from the double-standards of mobility that can be observed?