University Extension and English Language Program

Want to experience University Extension courses at UT? As an English Language Center student, you have the opportunity to take non-degree evening courses that meet on campus.

Who is this program for?

Students who are currently enrolled in English Language Center programs and completed level 5 of the ELP program or level 3 of the AEP program.

What are University Extension courses?

  • These are regular undergraduate courses offered in the evenings for non-matriculated students.
  • The credits for these courses can be used towards a degree once the student is admitted to The University of Texas at Austin.

**Admission to this program does not guarantee admission to The University of Texas at Austin.

What’s the cost?

Because enrollment in University Extension does not constitute admission to UT, students enrolled in both University Extension and English Language Center courses are unfortunately not eligible for English Language Center’s UT-affiliate tuition discount. The cost of University Extension courses varies; please visit University Extension Frequently Asked Questions.

What are the requirements?

Complete at least one semester of study with the English Language Center first.

  1. Meet minimum English proficiency standards (a TOEFL score of 61 or better is recommended):
    • ELP Level 5 or AEP Level 3: Completed with all As
    • ELP Levels 6/7 or AEP Level 4: Completed with all As and Bs.
  2. Have a high school (secondary school) diploma or GED.
  3. Satisfy the TSI (Texas Success Initiative) requirements, by providing college transcripts to the University Extension office, OR by providing sufficient SAT/ACT scores, OR by taking the TSI exam.
  4. Meet any other prerequisites listed for each course.
  5. Be in good academic and immigration standing.