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The Munib and Angela Masri Foundation pledged $10.5 million to the Jackson School of Geosciences to establish and fund graduate fellowships from Palestinian, Jordanian and Lebanese universities.  The endowment will be used to support research on… Read more

Nearly everyone has their own story of transformation and growth through connection with other countries and cultures. To highlight these experiences, universities across the nation celebrate the value of international education and exchange during… Read more

The University of Texas at Austin ranks third in the nation among all U.S. universities for the number of students studying abroad, according to the 2019 Open Doors Report released this week by the Institute of International Education. “We are… Read more

As a high school student, Alondra Albarran had always thought she would go into the medical field. But at UT Austin, she discovered her passion for cultural exchange, which inspired her to move to Japan after graduating in 2018 to work as an… Read more

Alumni from universities around the country gathered at the University of Texas last week to attend the U.S. Future Leaders Entrepreneurship and Innovation Seminar, the first State Department Topical Seminar to be held at UT.  Seventy-five alumni… Read more

Ahmet Mert came to Austin in 2016 as a student in the Academic English Program, with the end goals of improving his English and getting a master’s degree in civil engineering. He accomplished those goals at UT this past spring and is now improving… Read more

Alumnus Shinichi Iimura believes in the potential of UT’s global impact and is paying it forward to help future international students succeed academically. Iimura was an international student at UT studying civil engineering and computer science.… Read more

While on a weeklong partnership exploration visit to Mexico in June 2018, the Global Health Program at Dell Medical School found a wealth of opportunities for medical education and community development — both for the state of Puebla and the state… Read more

The lights. The sounds. The energy. That is what drives flocks of travelers from around the world to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is also what drove UT alumna Jessica Diaz-Hurtado (’15) to take her research abroad, culminating in her thesis and 2014… Read more

All of us at Texas Global are proud to lead international education at The University of Texas at Austin and grateful to those who help make it possible. Together with our partners on campus and beyond, we provide global experiences that are… Read more

For Ivete Lucas, film serves as a platform that allows her to communicate with people. “It is easier to understand,” she states.   Lucas, who now spends most of her time on the road, is a Latina film director, producer, and editor. She was born in… Read more

India is often described as colorful and chaotic, busy and fast-paced—a symphony of street sounds. Yet, what impressed Texas alumna Jean St. Clair the most was the welcoming spirit. "People were so open and giving in general," she describes.  The… Read more

Prominent Mexican alumni and friends of the University of Texas at Austin gathered recently in Monterrey to reconnect with each other and staff from their alma mater and to strategize on ways to bring Austin and Monterrey closer. Justin Michalka,… Read more

One of the biggest benefits of studying abroad is building an international network and connections that can help advance your career. And one of the biggest benefits of being a UT alumnus is connecting with the Longhorn nation. In early June, UT… Read more

Graduation has come and gone, and as we send off our international graduates on their next journey, we wonder about those who came before, where they ended up, and what role their time at UT played in their lives. We happily stumbled upon a UT… Read more