Alumni Networks

Grow your international network

There are almost 500,000 UT alums across the world. Find an alum or alumni network here to get advice, meet up, or share ideas.

Education Abroad alumni networks

Currently, the strongest study abroad alumni network is on Facebook. There is also an active group of Projects with Under-served Communities (PUC) in Austin who meet periodically. If you’re a PUC alum, you can also join the PUC alumni Facebook group.

International alumni networks

The Texas Exes is the official association of UT alumni. You can search a Texas Exes chapter or network near you on their website. They also have a long list of volunteer international contacts in cities from Paris to Taipei and in between. And if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you could start your own chapter.

Texas Global also maintains several alumni networks on social media so you can easily build and navigate your international network. Connect with us to learn more.