Semester Plus

Make the most of your study abroad experience with Semester Plus, the best of a faculty-led and exchange program all in one. 

The Semester Plus program is a customized opportunity for select majors to earn major credit at prestigious institutions abroad.

With Semester Plus, you can go abroad with a group of UT students, spend 3 weeks in class with a UT professor before transitioning into your local university, earn 16 or more credit hours toward your degree and use your financial aid to pay UT tuition.

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  • Customized for IRG majors
  • Led by Dr. Michael Anderson
  • IRG 320F (Foundations of International Relations and Global Studies)
  • LA 119 (Cultural Analysis Seminar)
  • Full semester courses at Sciences Po - Reims Campus

Application Deadline

Application Deadline: March 1


Students seeking advising for a Semester Plus should schedule an appointment with Julia Smith, or attend an Explore: IRG in France event, found out our events page.

Instruction and credit

1 credit hour

Take "Applied Culture Analysis' on-line with a UT professor to develop crucial analytical skills for the global marketplace, while enhancing your ability to live and study in a cross-cultural environment. The course will help you anticipate problems that you will face in the new context, solve problems that arise while abroad, and learn from the experience.

First 3 weeks
3 credit hours

Take a UT course in your major with a UT professor and a group of UT students. Acclimate to your new environment prior to the start of the semester.

12-16 credit hours

Enroll in the foreign university as an exchange student. Take a full load of classes with local and international students.

Specific application details

In addition to the UT study abroad online application and requirements, as an exchange program, Semester Plus programs require an additional application to the overseas exchange university. You must meet with the program coordinator before submitting the host university exchange application, and deadlines vary depending on the university.

Common application requirements may include:

  • Completed exchange application from the foreign instruction
  • Official UT transcript
  • Passport photos
  • Professor recommendations
  • Essays
  • Authorization form signed by program coordinator
  • Passport copies
  • Medical evaluation 

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