Low Cost Programs

It is one of our biggest priorities to make sure that every student can study abroad, regardless of their financial situation. That's why we offer hundreds of programs all over the world that cost the same or less than studying on campus. You can afford to study abroad, but you can't afford to miss this opportunity.

What is the real cost of study abroad?

The real cost of study abroad is the difference between living abroad and the normal cost of studying at UT and living in Austin. These costs include tuition, housing/rent, school materials, transportation, and travel logistics. According to UT Financial Aid, the cost of attendance is approximately $13,548 for a long semester and $8,929 for a summer session. In order for us to classify a study abroad program as low cost, it must cost the same or less than the highest rate of tuition plus an anticipated $1,500 flight.

We offer 127 programs with a real cost that is less than the price of a plane ticket. Choose from programs in 37 countries to study abroad where the costs are similar to living in Austin. Speak with a Program Coordinator to explore low cost programs and find the best match for you.


School for International Training (SIT)

UT Austin have teamed up with the School for International Training to provide interdisciplinary programs with internships and research opportunities all over the world.  Choose from a list of semester and summer programs at a discounted price and selected for the UT Austin adventurer. 

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Can I use scholarships and financial aid to study abroad?

We offer more than $1 million in scholarship funds to help you study abroad, including a number of scholarships specifically for first generation college students, internships and programs in particular countries. Most scholarships range from $1,000 - $3,000 and help cover the cost of plane tickets, living expenses and fees. On many programs, you can also apply your financial aid to help reduce the financial burden.

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