Education Abroad in Latin America

Whether you are seeking to gain resume-enhancing work experience in some of the world’s largest economies or explore the cultural richness of ancient ruins, our programs in Latin America offer experiences that are second to none.

Launch your career. Gain valuable experience that can help prepare you for a variety of careers through coursework (in Spanish, Portuguese, or English), internships, and research. Take advantage of the opportunity to build your resume and expand your professional interests.


San Miguel de Allende

Program Spotlight

We offer numerous programs for every major across Latin America. One of our most exciting opportunities is the Language and Culture summer program in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.

On the Language and Culture program you can:

  • Enjoy one of the host cities of the 2014 World Cup games
  • Experience the UNESCO world heritage city of Salvador da Bahia's 3 million residents (Brazil's 4th largest city), located on the Atlantic coast
  • Afford a similar cost as being at UT-Austin
  • Study Portuguese language at several levels from beginning through advanced
  • Participate in the Portuguese Flagship Language program at UT Austin
  • Enjoy the various festivals that take place in the month of June, featuring local music, food, religion, and Afro-Brazilian traditions.
Santiago, Chile skyline.

Program Options

Click here to view a selection of programs across Latin America or browse programs by country:

Take Classes in English or Spanish

You don’t have to speak Spanish to study abroad in Latin America, but if you want to, studying abroad is an excellent way to achieve Spanish proficiency, to improve your language skill, deepen cultural understanding, and develop relationships with native speakers of Spanish.

You can find all levels of Spanish language courses abroad and earn credit for beginner Spanish through Advanced Spanish courses, as well as courses for Spanish majors and heritage speakers. Taking language classes abroad will give you new skills and set apart from your peers. In addition to classroom learning, you will gain real-world advantage by interacting with locals while ordering your meals at a local restaurant, bartering in markets, buying food from a local grocer, or meeting new friends from around the globe. Learning a new language will give you allow you to set yourself apart from your colleagues, and give you a head start on your career.

You can go abroad and get all levels of Spanish credit in Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guatemala and Mexico.


Earn Credit Towards Your Major or Minor

Program options for all majors, both short and long periods of time, study or internship, and in a language that suits you (English, Spanish, or Portuguese). Fulfill language requirements by taking Spanish classes with an Argentine flair, complete your Business Foundations minor in Chile or get credit for an internship in Mexico. Search programs by area of study or look at program guides by major.


Discover Affordability

Studying abroad in Latin America means you can have an enriching experience that often costs the same, or even less than your semester at UT. Even better – your financial aid travels with you!

UT Austin gives out more study abroad scholarships than most universities in the U.S. including scholarships to eligible students studying in Latin America. Learn about Latin American Studies (LAS) Scholarships.

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Safety Information

The safety of our students is of the utmost importance to us. UT Austin provides health and safety resources for our students going abroad, comprehensive overseas insurance and 24/7 emergency support for students abroad. Texas Global monitors world events and the UT Austin International Oversight Committee (IOC) completes comprehensive health and safety assessments of UT Austin study abroad programs and individual travelers going to Restricted Regions.