Market your experience to future employers. Creative problem-solving, adaptability, ability to work with diverse groups, leadership and openness to new ideas–these are all skills employers value.

    Prepare to Go

    A successful internship starts with successful preparation.  Getting ready to intern abroad is about more than just buying a flight -- it's about preparing to start a new job.

    Register Your Travel

    Any student traveling internationally for a university-related purpose, regardless of credit or funding, must obtain authorization prior to departure. This includes self-sourced internships.  Students who do not comply with the international travel policy can face disciplinary sanctions (see official policy here.)

    If you plan on traveling abroad for academic purposes outside of an approved study abroad program, please follow the steps below.  Students are required to complete all steps prior to departure.

    1. Apply for Travel Approval
    2. Register the Travel

    Expect things to be different

    You internship abroad will challenge you to observe, understand and adapt to different communication and work styles.

    • Use the Cultural Analysis Toolkit to learn how to analyze global work cultures.
    • Read country career guides available through your career services office.

    Make the Most of Your Internship

    Your internship is an investment in your career development. Use campus resources to prepare for, maximize, and leverage your experience for future opportunities.

    Your cross-cultural skills can make you a competitive candidate. Show employers that you can transfer the skills you acquired abroad to the current job you are applying for and that you can add value to their organization. Learn to market your experience:

    • Watch Education Abroad for Your Career and attend the Education Abroad Career Workshop to learn how to articulate your international experience to employers.
    • Meet with your career advisors to add your international experience to your resume and cover letter, identify transferable skills and practice interviewing.
    • Boost your online presence and demonstrate what you learned abroad by writing a LinkedIn article like this one written by a fellow longhorn who interned in Shanghai and Singapore.