Credit & Curriculum Integration

A critical step in creating access to overseas opportunities is Curriculum Integration (CI). At UT Austin we work with academic departments to match degree plans with course offerings at our partner universities and with programs worldwide to create an easy-to-use guide for students and academic advisors. Curriculum Integration guides are designed to assist students in mapping out a four-year degree inclusive of an international experience. Course matching and strategic program design are fundamental elements of this initiative. This approach was developed to reduce academic barriers for students and increase transparency in academic advising. In short, building pre-approved courses into degree plans means that students in any major can earn credit abroad toward their degree and graduate on time.

Why CI?

Too many choices of programs and hundreds of thousands of course offerings. Students need the information boiled down to a manageable list and an easy-to-follow system to take the first step in seeking an international opportunity as part of their degree.

  • CI engages departments and focuses students' options
  • CI uncovers amazing academic opportunities at partner universities
  • CI ensures credit will be applied to degree requirements
  • CI is a targeted tool to help students graduate on time in 4 years

CI Guides

We have curriculum guides for students and are working to expand opportunities major by major. Our guides were developed in partnership with academic departments, take into account the optimal semester for their students to go abroad and include a carefully selected set of overseas opportunities. The customized program list and degree map create a simple starting point for students researching their options. Guides include useful questions for students to ask their academic advisor and financial aid counselor.

Each academic year we develop guides for additional majors. If you don’t find a guide for your major, stay tuned. Education Abroad program coordinators can help you navigate the My Credit Abroad database and create a custom plan to suit your personal and academic goals.



Course Database: My Credit Abroad

A major component of curriculum matching lies in the establishment a robust course matching database. UT Austin developed the My Credit Abroad (MyCA) database in 2003 to support students searching for courses abroad. To date the database holds over 17,000 courses that have been evaluated for UT credit from programs and university partners around the globe. The system is open to the public. If you are not a UT staff or student, please get a guest ID to access the system.

A Brief History

Curriculum Integration began as a major initiative in Texas Global in 2011 to address academic barriers to study abroad participation. To date we have created 17 guides that support over 19,000 undergraduate students. Guides are available online, in academic advising offices and at targeted events throughout the year.

We have completed guides for:

  • Moody College of Communication: RTF
  • College of Education: EC-6
  • College of Liberal Arts: ECO, GOV, HIS, IRG, PSY
  • College of Natural Sciences: BIO, CHEM, CS, HDFS, MNS, M, NTR, PHYS, TXA
  • School of Social Work: SW

We have also completed special resources for:

  • Business Foundations Program
  • Pre-Health Professions
  • Bridging Disciplines Program