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In addition to Texas Global, some colleges and schools have their own offices that support students seeking to study, intern or research abroad. 

Main Office

The Texas Global is located at 2400 Nueces. The entrance is at the northwest corner of Nueces & 24th (about two blocks west of campus).

Phone: (512) 471-6490
Fax: (512) 232-4363
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Mailing Address

Education Abroad, Texas Global
University of Texas at Austin
P.O.Box A, Campus Code A7000
Austin, Texas 78713-8901
Campus Mail: A7000

Contact Texas Global Education Abroad Staff

McCombs School of Business

Undergraduate Education Abroad

Phone: 512-471-0690
Fax: 512-471-2388
McCombs Undergraduate Education Abroad Website
McCombs staff contact information

Graduate Education Abroad

Phone: 512-471-7698
Fax: 512-471-4131

McCombs graduate study abroad website
McCombs graduate staff contact information

School of Law

Phone: 512.232.1175
Fax: 512.471.2873  
School of Law study abroad website
School of Law staff contact information

Cockrell School of Engineering

Phone: 512-232-9675
Cockrell study abroad website
Cockrell staff contact information

Request a Education Abroad Presentation

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