Travel Health Clinic

All students are strongly encouraged to complete the online travel health course from UHS. The course is free, and covers how to avoid becoming sick while traveling, as well as what to do if you become sick.

You are also encouraged to visit the UHS Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Clinic for a travel health appointment, especially if you are traveling to a country outside of Western Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or Japan. A travel health nurse will provide you with helpful information about vaccines, entry requirements for visas, and general health precautions to take tailored to your specific travel destination and itinerary. They will also be able to administer most vaccines.

An appointment with the Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Clinic does not satisfy the health clearance requirement (however, a visit to to the WorkLife Travel Health Clinic with Dell Med, does include a physical). Health clearances can be completed by making an appointment for a travel physical exam with UHS General Medicine.

A $35 fee is charged by the Allergy, Immunization, and Travel Clinic for travel consultations and immunizations.