Intercultural Workshops

Students may attend an in-person workshop designed to support students’ ability to adjust and be successful in a new environment. All students, regardless of destination or program type, may participate.

Events and Workshops

Learning Across Cultures - November 21, 2019, 5-8 pm

How can studying abroad make you into a lifelong learner? Studying abroad provides a unique environment to learn well and deeply: about yourself, about others, about the world and how you interact in it. This workshop is for students going abroad or current international students who want to grow deeper in their capacity to mindfully engage across cultural difference, and develop habits of awareness and reflection that will maximize their experience abroad.

All workshops will be held in Texas Global.

Additional Resources

The Cultural Analysis Toolkit, developed by Dr. Deidre Mendez at The University of Texas at Austin, is useful for any student in any program to practice self-guided reflection and problem-solving within new cultural contexts. All materials are free to download.

Open Mind is a short educational program based on the work of psychologist Dr. Jonathan Haidt at New York University. It is designed to develop awareness of cognitive and cultural biases, grow intellectual humility, and foster engagement across difference - all great intercultural skills!

What's Up with Culture? may look a little old, but it is a great resource to learn more about how culture (your own and others') impacts your success learning and functioning in a new context. It was developed by Dr. Bruce le Brack at the University of the Pacific, who is one of the leaders of the field of Intercultural Communication.

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Daniel Ach, MA

Daniel has been a program coordinator with Education Abroad's Advising Team since 2014. Before moving (back) to Texas, where he was born and raised, Daniel held a position at the Cultural Division of the Embassy of Kuwait in Washington,DC. However, much of his professional experience is in student affairs, advising students and managing residence halls at the University of Maryland - College Park, where he received his Master of Arts in International Education Policy. Prior to his Master's program, Dan was a Peace Corps volunteer for two years in Kazakhstan, where he was set on a trajectory to study and work in intercultural communication and education. Dan's first abroad experience was to Graz, Austria to play bass in an international music festival.