Education Abroad COVID-19 Information and Resources

The University of Texas at Austin and Texas Global are committed to providing meaningful education abroad opportunities to students who seek to engage with the world in a way that is ethical, responsible and safe. COVID-19 has changed the world forever, but it has not diminished the benefits of international education—cultural awareness, adaptability, self-reliance, and problem solving.

To support the safety of UT students beginning to plan their education abroad, we will:

  • Provide students with the information and resources to make an informed decision about going abroad during a pandemic.
  • Instruct students to follow the standards as set forth by our institutional partners, foreign governments and public health authorities.
  • Ensure that policies outline the financial responsibilities for participation, financial consequences for withdrawals, and clarity regarding refunds related to program cancellations.
  • Assist any student who wishes to come home at any time and provide clear guidance related to academic and financial impact, overseas insurance, and transportation resources.

COVID-19 Travel Guidance

Per the UT Austin campus Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource page the following applies to education abroad students.

Current UT System policy states that all international travel must be essential and is considered High Risk and will remain as such until the World Health Organization rescinds the declaration of a global health pandemic. All countries are currently included in the “restricted regions" list. Therefore, all university-related international travel requests (business, educational, medical, research, presentations, conferences, competitions, etc.) must be reviewed and approved by the International Oversight Committee (IOC). For more information on the steps to obtain approval for international travel, follow the International Travel Process.

As you prepare to travel from locations outside of the U.S. to Austin review the information in the COVID-19 Pre-Departure and Arrival Expectations for International Travelers. These expectations were created to prioritize your health, along with the health of our campus community.

Global Risk and Safety

The Global Risk and Safety (GRS) team in Texas Global monitors world events, supports students preparing for departure and assists when emergencies occur abroad. GRS is supported by the International Oversight Committee, which is responsible for establishing guidelines and formulating policies to maintain the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff.

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