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About Texas Global

Texas is—and always has been—global. Our state is a major player on the international stage representing the 10th largest economy in the world. Texas is a hub for culture, the arts, business, energy, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. 

Global engagement is woven throughout Texas' history and it is also a critical part of The University of Texas at Austin’s future. UT Austin is proud to be a leader in groundbreaking research and transformative learning. We provide access to a world-class education in a welcoming environment where knowledge, discovery, and collaboration are the catalysts to solving challenges impacting our state and beyond. 

Texas Global partners with faculty, departments, colleges and schools across the university to advance UT Austin’s academic mission and enhance its international reputation. Texas Global showcases and celebrates the breadth and depth of The University of Texas at Austin’s international activities by supporting the interests and aspirations of our students and faculty.  

On campus, Texas Global hosts delegations from universities, government and sponsoring agencies, research institutions, industry and other organizations wishing to meet with UT Austin faculty, administrators and staff to establish new, or expand on current, strategic international partnerships; cultivates a welcoming, diverse community of over 7,000 students, faculty and researchers from over 140 countries; fosters academic and cultural exchange through virtual connections, and creates international learning opportunities and special initiatives on topics of local and international relevance. 

Texas Global creates transformational study, internship and service-learning experiences abroad for more than 4,000 students through 400+ programs in 100 countries, supports our international alumni community, and plans international visits for university leaders to develop and enhance strategic research and teaching partnerships, raise funds on behalf of the university and expand UT’s global presence.

In an increasingly interconnected world, international education is more important than ever, and UT is committed to educating global citizens and carrying out research that changes lives and addresses the world’s greatest challenges. What starts here changes the world. 

We are Texas. We are global. We are Texas Global.

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