Thuy N

Thuy Nguyen

Senior Global Strategies Officer


Thuy Nguyen is the Senior Global Strategies Officer for the Asia, Oceania and sub-Saharan Africa regions. She joined Texas Global as an education abroad program coordinator in 2015 and advised students interested in study abroad opportunities in the Asia region. Prior to this, she worked as a graduate consultant for the Middlebury Institute of International Studies (MIIS), the University of California Davis, and the Japan Center for Michigan Universities. She earned her master's of arts from the MIIS, focusing on International Education Management. Thuy participated in the Fulbright International Education Administrator Seminar to Taiwan in March 2019. Prior to this, she studied microbiology; she earned her master's of science in bacteriology from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and her bachelor's of sciences from University of California Berkeley. As such, Thuy is passionate about developing experiential opportunities for STEM students and creating access to such international programming. She studied abroad in Australia and worked in Japan as an assistant language teacher on the JET Program for four years from 2009-2013.