Alyson Weaver headshot

Alyson Weaver

Contracts Administrator

Alyson Weaver is the Contracts Administrator of Education Abroad at The University of Texas at Austin. She joins us after working on the PCT (Proactive Community Testing) team to help slow the spread of the pandemic in and around the UT community. The move into international education is an excellent fit considering her own educational background and experiences abroad.

After completing an AA in French from ACC and again after completing a BA in French and English from The University of Texas at Austin, Alyson worked abroad as an English-teaching assistant in Tours, France and then in Fort-de-France, Martinique, respectively. A third stint abroad as a nanny in Paris further cemented her Francophilia, and she was inspired to seek an MA from NYU in foreign language education, specializing in teaching French to adult learners.

When Alyson isn’t busy at work, she freelances as a French tutor in the Austin area and online. She survives the Austin heat by swimming a few times a week either in apartment pools or out by Mansfield Dam. She loves reading, starting (and not always finishing) art projects, and connecting with her friends.