Interdisciplinary Collaboration

Through the pursuit of interdisciplinary grant opportunities and private support that promote campus collaboration, Texas Global globalizes the campus through programs that are impactful and innovative.

With a commitment to innovative strategies for achieving campus internationalization and fostering cross campus collaborations that promote international exchange, Texas Global has received numerous international grants and support for efforts ranging from outbound student programming, virtual cultural exchange, English as a Second Language programming as well as incoming student scholarships and customized programs.

Undergraduate Research Programs

Partnerships with colleges and departments expand the opportunities available to students. For example, in an exciting effort as part of our Mexico initiative, we worked with the Jackson School of Geosciences and the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) to create an undergraduate research exchange. The program was funded by a grant from the Partners of the Americas.

Professional Development and Entrepreneurship

Texas Global works with departments and colleges across the university on international learning opportunities for UT students and non-UT students alike. In addition to our partnership with the Jackson School on a grant-funded international research exchange, we have also worked with the Center for East Asian Studies and the Center for Global Business to create a bi-annual professional development conference called Global Professional Training which gives students cross-cultural communication skills and prepares them to live, study and work abroad. We also collaborate with the McCombs School of Business and IC2 on entrepreneurship programs for visiting professionals from Africa and Latin America, funded by grants from the US State Department

Virtual Classrooms

Virtual classrooms leverage technology to create a space for students across the world to collaborate and interact without leaving campus. Videoconferences brings together students who typically only learn about each other’s cultures through popular news media. The goal of this initiative is to dispel cultural stereotypes and break down communication barriers caused by lack of understanding. One example of success in this forum is our previous collaboration with Voice of America to facilitate televised dialogues between students at The University of Texas at Austin and students at Kabul University.

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