Curriculum Integration

While short-term programs are an important means of increasing access to study abroad to students, longer-term immersion programs, such as semester exchanges, offer richer educational experiences. Through curriculum integration, Texas Global is working to incorporate pre-approved courses in a number of majors so students can take an entire semester of coursework at an international university, earn credit toward their majors and graduate on time.

Curriculum integration is a collaborative process between Texas Global and UT departments. Together, we identify programs and course abroad that best serve student needs and complement the academic goals of each unit. We then produce and publish department-specific curriculum planning brochures to help students plan for study abroad as a part of their degree plan. These brochures guide students through narrowing down options and selecting relevant foreign courses that fulfill major requirements.

This initiative is important as it makes study abroad more accessible and dispels the myth that study abroad is only for elective courses and that certain majors do not have room for longterm study abroad programs. By taking foreign courses that are pre-approved for UT credit, students know that the course will count towards their degree and not hinder their graduation target.

Texas Global has collaborated with the top majors in Liberal Arts and Natural Sciences as well as Education, Social Work and Communications to develop four-year degree plans that incorporate a semester-long study abroad. Fine Arts programs are coming soon.

Learn more about the majors with curriculum integrations and peruse degree maps