Connecting people and ideas to benefit Texas and the world has always been a part of UT Austin’s identity. As leaders in internationalization, we are continuously innovating to create opportunities for our students, faculty and researchers to bridge barriers and create connections that impact the cultural, scientific and economic landscape of this university, city, state, country and beyond. Through focused initiatives with tangible impact, we change the world and the world changes us, collectively.

Global Classrooms

Virtual learning courses enable faculty to incorporate global learning into their curriculum and students to connect with their peers abroad—all from a classroom on the Forty Acres. Through the Global Classrooms Curriculum Integration Grant, faculty can apply for fellowships for grants to support their global online learning environment. In partnership with UT Libraries and the Faculty Innovation Center, faculty have access to pedagogical support and grant funding to develop collaborative, digitally-linked courses with peers at institutions abroad. To date, 13 courses serving more than 400 UT students have leveraged technology to learn together with their peers at universities in countries such as Brazil, China, France, Mexico, Peru and Sweden.

President's Award for Global Learning

A transformative gift from the International Board of Advisors (IBA) helped create this bold international interdisciplinary program, unlike any other in higher education in the United States. The President’s Award for Global Learning allows faculty and students across academic disciplines to innovate and explore new ideas and solutions in the areas of research, entrepreneurship and social impact in seven regions across the world, covering more than half of the world’s population.

The award provides up to $25,000 per project for implementation, plus critical funding for international travel expenses to students and faculty. The teams work with international partners during an intensive spring course to plan and prepare their projects. After completing their projects, the students return to UT to share their experience and bring learning back to campus. The President’s Award for Global Learning has transformed global learning opportunities at UT and inspired our campus to think about the world’s most pressing challenges in a new way. It has empowered students and faculty to innovate in ways that benefit communities around the world and in Texas.